Friday, January 1, 2016


While I sit out here on the deck,
the snow filters down through the clouds 
onto the evergreens
my soft coat of hair.

Daddy Ron blindly ignores me
because he is all about his new merino wool scarf
from Ireland.
His Mom was a Regan you see, 
so finding this sweater site brought much joy to his Christmas.

Doesn't he realize I want to play though!!

He says it was a complete surprise.
Still, that doesn't mean he should leave me out here to play by myself!!

 He discovered this sweater site online apparently before Christmas 
and before you could whip up a scarf yourself
it arrived just after Christmas.
Apparently Daddy Jim covertly placed the order
waiting patiently 
so very patiently.

As you can see Daddy Ron is more than 
with his new Regan Clan scarf!

He is in the process of knitting another one

which isn't as involved 

so now he can use his new scarf as a guide
while he completes his blue / grey one.

All this being said,
a good romp in the snow  
a chance to christen the scarf 
would work just fine!!
What more could you ask for on the 1st day of 2016!!