Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lumpy Bumps!

Sometimes, when we descend upon the beach
we discover some unusual (to me) 
things that just defy my imagination.
Now, what is this huge thing
plunked on the beach at the further end?

Jim seems to be zeroing in on another huge monstrosity.
He used these photos for a post just the other day.(click to see)

This kind of mystery just intensifies my sniffing,
'cause I just can't seem to figure out how they got on the beach.

See what's ahead of us!
Those big lumps and bumps in the water.
Just a minute,
I dropped my ball!

Hey, it just dawned on me,
I think those lumpy bumps are coming from the ocean
or at least,
the ocean is making them visible.

This beach is really so much fun.
I know the next time I go,
either the lumpy bumps will be super visible
or they will be covered over with water.