Friday, March 4, 2011

Dad came Home!

As you may have noticed
I have finally gotten my ball back.
The other day
my ball was lodged
in my Dad's car
I was not able to compare


With a wee bit of coaxing
the ball 
off to the hill
we drove.
As the brillant sun
was shining
on the snow-covered slope
I was able to keep 
an eye on my friend.
I vowed...
that I would never allow
this kind of 
to happen again!


  1. Someone has a very cheerful new spring background! When will these humans understand a dog just can't be separated from our tennis balls without anxiety setting in. Great photos!

  2. Dear Sophie...I'm so glad you got your orange ball back. You exercised great patience!

  3. Sweet doggie

    sweet post

    sweet people!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  4. So happy for you to have your ball back, Sophie!

  5. We thought you were going to have to start charging him rent for keeping your orange ball
    Benny & Lily

  6. i love me some tasty oranges... i looked at the link you have here with this post and i was drooling for one of those tuscany oranges hangin on the vines! when i first married, we lived in florida, and my husband worked for about a month at an orange packing plant in tampa. he came home smelling like oranges every day and brought me an orange called a mercott? [spelling] every day. they were the BEST sweetest, juiciest oranges i have ever had in my life. they are used to make orange juices and i dont think you can get them in a store.

    sophie, i'm with you. i love orange balls and will run any distance to fetch mine!!! lmao...

  7. I's is so glad you got your ball back? Did yous happen to see my little gator while you were getting your ball? I'ms still looking for him, even though I've gots a new toy.

  8. So beautiful! The view. And Sophie with her orange ball!

  9. Oh Spopfie dis is just terribles dat you was seperated from your ball...luckily you gots it back befores shock set in...dat would haves happened to me.


  10. Hi Sophie,
    I'm glad you got your ball back. It's the perfect color in the snow!
    Hope you have a fun weekend.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  11. Hi Y'all!

    Sophie, that 1st picture of you with the ball at your foot is so dramatic. We like it even better than the ones with the sea and waves in the background.

    Glad the ball is home again!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Ahhhh...Beautiful Sophie...I'm so happy you got your beloved toy back!!!

  13. We're so glad you got that ball back. We like seeing you carry it in your beach and walkies photos!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  14. Glad that you got your ball back, Sophie, so that you can take it with you when you go to all of the beautiful places your Dads take you to.

  15. Lovely post and i scrolled down in the post and i have to say i love the pics!!!

    Thanks so much and i'm glad if found you true VerdeFarms!


  16. We are glad that you have your ball back!
    Have a nice weekend!

    By the way, we have an award for you. Can you came and collect it?

  17. Thanks goodness... you and your beloved orange ball are back together! Don't let the surf steal it!

    We have the same kind of ball here. In a pinch, we could send you ours!

    I started noticing orange everywhere after your last post. There's more orange around me than I usually notice!

  18. I'm happy that you got your ball back. Separation anxiety is a tough one.

  19. It's a good thing he returned with your ball. You just never know about this humans sometimes... Enjoy!

  20. It must have been very traumatic for you, Sophie. I'm grad you're reunited.

  21. So happy that you and your beloved ball, were finally reunited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember this Sophie! Don't let it happen again! :-)

  22. Yes, we're thrilled that you're reunited with your beloved orange ball!

  23. Hi Sophie! Our pups are always happy when a favorite toy is returned too--It's like having a new one all over again! :-)


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