Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Manual Mode' Guinea Pig!

Today the guys informed me that I was going to become a guinea pig!
I'm a Labradoodle!

The springlike weather, temps and sunshine were driving the people to the beaches.
Just across the river from me this family and dogs 
were looking like the decision to come to the beach was
the right one...serenity.

The ball was thrown as far out as possible which is what I like
'cause that means I can run and get wet!

As I retrieve the ball I notice people and puppies
on my side of the river and beach.

Bob, the Golden Retriever was beyond himself with energy
not to mention the Border Collie, whose name I missed.

This fine fellow, Kody the Weimaraner
was bit timid but I know if I spent some time 
with him he'd be socialized just like the rest of us.

I wondered a few times about 
the guinea pig reference
as I prepared to rocket up to catch my ball.

Apparently, the guys are shooting everything in Manual Mode today.
 Thus, a guinea pig was needed 
and since I have 4 legs
I fit the billing.


  1. I love beach pictures with winter coats. Just the thought of Sofie getting wet gives me shivers.
    The pics look great. I haven't shot in manual in 10 years or so.

  2. at least they gave you a heads up. Should we call you piggy?
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a fun trip to the beach!

  4. Great pictures, I really liked that last one!

  5. Terry and Sharon...thanks! Yes the excursion was glorious and yes the last pic is sooooo Sophie!

  6. We love that last picture of Sophie dancing o'er the sand.....

    Another great excursion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  7. I love the back-lit photos against the sea. When you and your guy are just silhouettes, it's very dramatic.

    It must be fun to have some other dogs to romp with on the beach!

  8. Great pictures and Sophie makes a GREAT guinea pig!

  9. Loved that last shot too - I think you look best with all 4 legs off the ground Sophie!

    You'll have to get friendlier with Kody - what a stunner. I used to have a Wei for many years, and they are just lovely. Very energetic, just like you!

  10. you are a cute guinea pig...

  11. I love watching you play with the other dogs, Sophie. You get along so well with others. Good job - *oink - oink*

  12. Beautiful pictures. Absolutely beautiful. You are the best guinea pig ever.

  13. Oh to be a dog on a beach on a beautiful spring day with balls to chase! That's livin' the dream.

  14. Sophie you make an excellent guinea pig :) Y'all are quite somethin with your photo talents! Manual Mode in the hands of experts me tinks ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  15. MAGNIFICIENT MANUAL MODE , Ron ....!!!!!!

    ...The three MUSQUETEERS on the beach....I LOVE IT!!!!!
    FANTASTIC beach in its glimmering and sparkling!
    We'd love it too!!

    ciao ciao elvira & laccaille

  16. You make a beautiful guinea pig, Miss Sophie.

  17. Manual mode becomes you Miss Sophie!!! Gorgeous photos!!!

  18. Getting wet and balls. For a minute I thought you were talking about me!! Gorgeous shots. I especially liked the last one of Sophie with all 4 feet in the air. Perfect!!

  19. I've enjoyed reading your blog, Sophie! Your dads must love you very much to give you your very own digital diary. =)

    And you are a very patient guinea pig! What did the guys learn while shooting manual? That's actually the way to go when it comes to shooting fast subjects like you. Tell them to stick to manual mode and keep practicing!


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