Sunday, March 20, 2011

Number 2!

Hi Everyone!
Just thought you might like to know something.

The number 2 can mean many things 
like 2 pics of me on the beach at low tide...

Or it could mean 2 pics of me at high tide.

and not to mention 2 pics of me with raging seas all around.

I, so, enjoy the meandering along the trail after playing on the beach. This means we are on the home stretch and heading for the car. Notice 2 more pics!

Ron's need to take my picture constantly doesn't bother me anymore. At first, I didn't quite understand what it all meant. Sophie...Come Here!
Now I get it and like just comes naturally!
Once again 2 pics!

And Jim is attached to his 2 Nordic Poles.

I guess the main reason 
I bring up the number 2
 is because today is
 Daddy Jim's & Daddy Ron's 
wedding anniversary! 
Two years of being "hitched".
 Of course, there are a whole lot of years prior to this date since 1973, but I thought you all should know why the number 2 is so important and that I am so happy today, for them!!
Oh yeah, one other thing 
....Happy Spring to All!