Monday, March 28, 2011

In The Heather....cont'd!

From out of nowhere, a Weimaraner,
a gorgeous shade of ghost grey
 scooted  into the melee
and was gone as fast as he arrived.

As you can see, Deacon still has my ball,
in some circles...
isn't this known as being 
a ballhog/ballpup/balldog!

It seemed like Sierra needed to assist Deacon and the two of them became one.
Gees, I offer my plaything and they end up bullying me.
I'll show them who owns this ball.

Just a quick, steady and sturdy 2 legged headlock and
a deliberate snarl and growl
then....see below
ha hah!

Do you see the satisfaction in my eyes?
(all this time, my big blue bell rang like mad)

We were very satisfied with our rough housing and
so sauntered up the road with the knowledge that tonight would be
sweet, sweet dreams...
yes, I was so exhausted.