Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Hurricane Irene

 While we wait patiently for the weekend to arrive

  with fingers crossed that Hurricane Irene

 doesn't veer off and dump her winds and rains on us as we have witnessed in passed years, 

 we decided to go to the beach today

 to soak up the rays and watch the familiar sights.

 Jim was snapping loads of photos of the windsurfers

 and of little ol' me, of course.

 Up on MacDonald Hill, the wooden chair had been moved to the top of the slope

 so we had a much grander view of the ocean in front of us.

 A fog bank hung off the shore which just added to the eeriness and possible foreboding.

Two kayaks managed to parallel the shoreline not expending too much energy.

 These few hours of sheer joy and excitement

can only be balanced with satisfaction and contentment.