Thursday, August 4, 2011

Live on the Hill!

Just a shorty for you peeps!
The sunset pics were taken on this hill.
So were these beauties!
These pics from last year as well.
these pics were thrown in for good measure
'cos I'm so cute.


  1. Good Morning! You're a star!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Oh Sophie, it's so beautiful there.. I love the way you stop to pose for pictures. You should be a model. Gracie stops and gives me a disgusted look as if to say 'not again' when I go to take her picture. Yours is more like, 'hey.. I'm beautiful go for it'.

  3. that was really beautiful. Soph--you are spoiled rotten. well done.

  4. Good Morning! I believe Sophie was playing a bit of a, can't shoot me, game. I love the view from this hill, it's always so refreshing!

  5. Those puppy pics are beyond adorable!! Sophie, is it difficult being that darn good-looking all the time??

  6. The natural beauty of the place where you live takes my breath away, Sophie. How do you ever come inside?

  7. Marvelous vistas. Lots of wind. Some surf.

    Please, go down to the ocean edge and give me view/sound of waves coming in and of pounding surf and all that delightful stuff, you have right at your finger tips.


    I know that Sophie would be glad to cavort in the waves, for you. And for me. :-)

  8. Standing still for the video and moving around for the stills...BOL!

    Love those puppy pictures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Sophie, this is the best thing I've watched all day!!

  10. So gorgeous... thanks for sharing the video!

  11. hi soph, i actually heard your voice towards the end of your video!! what a cute girl you are..

    who's a good girl, huh?

    YOU ARE!

    ron, thank you 4 the last comment, i really appreciate the validation and i'm sad it happened to you too.


  12. We're waking up to the sound of the surf! What a treat! Thank you, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. I agree, you have that model thing down. I am a bit of a camera ham myself, but unlike you I don't have a photographer to worship me.
    Love your blog!!!!

  14. Holy cow, it's stunning! I'm packing my bags.

  15. Oh Sophie
    I love your hills, and streams, and ocean, and storm, and parks, and garden, and everything I just love,, especially this moment and you!

  16. I could sit by this peaceful place and while-away the day just watching you at play, Miss Sophie.

    Pat n a big (hug:>)
    Crissy and Pam

  17. Well done!! I just totally relaxed and felt as though I were there!! Thanks. I love in the opening Sophie doesn't know which of the puparazzi to pose for!!

    Just lovely!


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