Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm RAW today!

Today is a new day.
Come see what I saw in the RAW!
 ~~~Queen Anne's Lace~~~
 Myself sauntering to my new favourite swimming hole in PPP.
 See there's nothing stopping when I smell water.
 OK, who are these doggy woggys?
Hey, Ron throw the ball, please!
 Just remember that's my new L.L.Bean ball!
So control the chomping maneuvers.
 These guys aren't listening so I better intervene.
 Only takes an alfa female growl and presto back to my peaceful excursion.
 This Cape Islander was wending it's way down the Northwest Arm.
 and then we met this perky feller.
You know he can climb trees
and he did it 2x while I stood there...honest.
My Dad's weren't fast enough to capture the event...oh well, next time!
 So to get back to my original comment
about being in the RAW.....
Today the guys tried taking photos using the RAW setting on their DSLR'S.
I think things turned out pretty much the same,
don't you?!