Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm RAW today!

Today is a new day.
Come see what I saw in the RAW!
 ~~~Queen Anne's Lace~~~
 Myself sauntering to my new favourite swimming hole in PPP.
 See there's nothing stopping when I smell water.
 OK, who are these doggy woggys?
Hey, Ron throw the ball, please!
 Just remember that's my new L.L.Bean ball!
So control the chomping maneuvers.
 These guys aren't listening so I better intervene.
 Only takes an alfa female growl and presto back to my peaceful excursion.
 This Cape Islander was wending it's way down the Northwest Arm.
 and then we met this perky feller.
You know he can climb trees
and he did it 2x while I stood there...honest.
My Dad's weren't fast enough to capture the event...oh well, next time!
 So to get back to my original comment
about being in the RAW.....
Today the guys tried taking photos using the RAW setting on their DSLR'S.
I think things turned out pretty much the same,
don't you?!


  1. you do have a good time don't you Sophie...way to keep control....great photos by your Dads...

  2. When you upload to Blogger, or Flickr, etc... they tend to convert your RAW into JPG, much lesser quality.

    I think your photos are exceptional today, Sophie. Tell your GUYS I said so. :)

  3. Cool pictures, but I don't see any difference in the normal, high quality.

    Fun shot of the two fighting over your ball, Sophie!

  4. Just as gorgeous! Let me if you find out what the big deal is.

  5. The pictures are great, as always. I don't see a bit of difference. I'm glad that you got your new LL Bean ball back, Sophie.

  6. What great shots! Your dads did good!

  7. They are always amazingly clear to me. The water shots are fab... Sophie has such a great time swimming. It's fun to see!

  8. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, what a great day around the water! Good job controlling the crowd. I think your pix look as good as they always do.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. Sophie and Ron, I'm having lunch at my office right now and have been showing one of my co workers your pictures. And, just like me, they are totally taken with the beautiful place you call home, and you too Sophie! :-))) Enjoy your day!!!

  10. Raw or not...your photos are fabulous!

  11. Has poor Mr. Orangie joined the choir invisible?

  12. What a nice guy! I discover here, cause it is the first time I play this meme! I wish I can swim like you today but I was very busy!

  13. Well, I loved how you took over those two ball hoggers. Your water looks sooooo wonderful. I wish I was there.

    Love all your pictures, as usual.


  14. We think the RAW photos are fab! Amazing friends you have, Sophie!!! Have fun! Ros and Oscar

  15. Brillant photos as usual Sophie!

    We loved them!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  16. The pictures are fantastic. Glad you were able to get back your beanie ball. Hope there was no damage.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. I can't tell that you're raw.
    Glad you got your ball back from the bully boys.

  18. Looking cute and having fun...RAW or Cooked!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  19. The photos are perfection! What a world you share!

  20. It's not everyone who's daddies buy them an LL Bean ball to play with. Better keep a good watch over those fellas when you're out & about

  21. ooooooooooh! Your new header is just gorgeous, Sophie and mom is just loving the Queen Anne's Lace photo! Your dads take the most beautiful pictures!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. I love the photos... just plain love them!

    I've played with RAW format too. I found the same thing that you did - no huge difference except that the files were humongous. I suspect that someone with more Photoshop expertise than I have might be able to do something dazzling with RAW that I can't...

    I love your photos either way.

  23. I actually like "raw" JPEGs better than "raw" RAW files - but with JPEG you are stuck with the conversions that the camera applies (which is why RAW and JPEG don't look the same) while with RAW you apply them yourself.

    That's a plus or a minus, depending on how good you are and how much time you have. :) I have the camera create both for each picture, but almost never download the JPEGs anymore.

    Great shots!

  24. Boy, howdy, I know what you mean when someone takes your ball. You just have to be assertive sometimes, right?

  25. Love the Queen Anne's Lace ~~

    you sure showed those doggies who is the big GIRL boss - didn't you Miss Sophie?

    Love seeing you have fun!



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