Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joyous Visit, I just want to tell you!

 ~~~Doodle Kisses~~~
 ~~~Someone likes Jim~~~
 Hi there come on in!
 **Just had to throw this Morgan picture in**
Life continues without Morgan
but I will always see him as I run and play.
 ~~~Lining up for a drink~~~
 ~~~Party on the verandah~~~
 This lawn needs more dogs on it!
 OK, everyone, follow me.
 ~~~Follow the leader...come on..don't just stand there~~~
 ~~~Hey, you are a doodle...your hop/run gave it away~~~
 ~~~Finally, someone who understands me~~~
 ~~~Honest...we'll do exactly as you want~~~
 ~~~Is this cute enough for you?...Cairn Face!~~~
 ~~~After a good run we all need a rest~~~
 ~~~Hi Cutie! I kinda like you!~~~
 ~~~Some dogs are just plain silly~~~
 ~~~I smell fresh air again~~~
 ~~~Really, I can't wait to come back here again~~~
 ~~~Lots of room to run...and this isn't even half of it!~~~
 ~~~So I'll see you on the 14th... Cathy and Mary~~~
 ~~~A good outing again and back to the car~~~
So you can see why I, so, enjoy boarding at
Country Critter Sitters.
~~~lots of furiends to play with~~~
~~~lots of fields to run in~~~
~~~lots of laughs and chuckles~~~
Next weekend here I come!

I think these pictures tell it all~~~~Morgan would be happy~~~~we did put some smiles on everyone's faces
at Country Critter Sitters.