Thursday, August 11, 2011

Auggie Doggie!

 This is Auggie,
 the Goldendoodle,
who spied me in the grass.

 I am sure there is something here because the scent is so strong.

 I wonder who is standing over me smelling as if they came out of a major puddle?

 Get back here with my ball!
OK, you asked for it!

You think you can disappear.
Well, you got another think coming!

 What the.....who's who...where am I?
I don't even know which one is me.

 Auggie, that was so much fun 
you can stop laughing now.

Now I know why you were laughing!
A mud pack special is always a big YES
if I can get away with it, too!
A girl has to let loose every now and again, right?!