Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting for Irene!

I could smell something was a brewin' in the air!
  This is what I could see to my right 
(the 2 pictures below)
greyness and intense winds
(notice the windsurfer on Conrad's Beach)
 ...nothing deters a windsurfer, except no wind...

  and this is what I could see to my left
and over the cliff
 The wind was gusting high on the slopes.
This is when you have to be super careful with your footing
because of erosion and loose overhangs.
 Jim loves leaning into the wind to see if it braces him.
All I can say is...get me up this hill and out of the way of this crazy man!
 Irene's surf kept rolling in and with the new moon tonight
the water should reach super high levels.
 This view can give you a more dramatic wave angle.

The darkness in the sky is Irene which appears to be quite far off in the distance.
We appear to be on the edge of her wrath.
 Well, I better get up the slope. 
Check out who was down the slope looking up at me!

More pictures!
Am I surprised!
Back atcha buddy!
Winky Wink!