Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'M BACK HOME.....!!!

I'm home again,
which means my men are home too!

...which means a much needed excursion to the park is on top of my "to do" list...

 ...also, a swim in the Arm is so welcomed because the heat and humidity is getting
too much for me...

 ...see what I mean...
everything is lopsided...

....Hurricane Irene is heading our way and
with the super warm temperatures being dragged up the eastern U.S. seaboard,
we will get clobbered on the weekend.

 So I figured I should christen my new L.L.Bean ball before
Irene swamps us.

(just click....for quick...shake)

So wish us good luck 
come this weekend!
Aren't rainbows a sign of
the very best 


  1. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, I'm so glad you're back and all is right in your world again! Great shakin' and swimmin'!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Dear Sophie,
    I'll bet you are very happy to be back home (although you were staying at the Club Med for dogs).

    Please be careful this weekend. Hope you don't take a big hit from the hurricane. What crazy weather!!!!

    Hugs from Phoebe and Gucci

  3. It's great to have you all back! Yeah for swimming!

    Love the picture of the marina with the sailboat masts!

    Shake it, Girl! Shake your bootie!

  4. Love that shaking! Glad you're back home and good luck this weekend!

  5. Nice to see you Sophie :)
    Hold on tight this weekend.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  6. Hi Y'all,

    So glad y'all are home! But wow, I'd love to have a neat place to stay like y'all have...I'd be sendin' my Humans away!

    Don't worry too much about Irene. She's our next door neighbor in the low country. I don't understand why everybody thinks she's such a threat. I think she's nice.

    Oh, my Human says it's a storm named after our neighbor. Hopefully she'll be worn out before she gets where y'all are.

    Have fun splashin' in the giant puddles.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Yep, we have been watchin this Irene storm. Are you gonna head for high ground? I hope so, I hope you are all safe and come thru the storm with no problems at all.

    We will be thinking of you.


  8. Oh Sophie, I'll bet your dad's missed you!! How nice that they brought you back a new ball.. It's so good to have you back!!! Now stay safe and don't take no stuff from that ol' Irene :-)

  9. welcome back and stay safe from Hurry cane Irene
    Benny & Lily

  10. A new ball! Is that your souvenir from Provincetown?

  11. Welcome home Sophie.. you are so posh with your LL Bean ball xx.. take cover this weekend.. thankfully veered away from Florida.. Gary & Clare

  12. Oh, what lovely shots! Hope you had a great vacation.

  13. Sophie so glad you are home..and your Dads too...stay safe with the hurricane...

  14. Welcome back Sophie! Best of luck for the weekend and hope that the hurricane fizzles out some before it reaches you.

  15. Didn't you all just get back from Over the Rainbow?! Looking at these photos, it's hard to imagine ever wanting to leave, but here's hoping Irene eases up before she hits your area.

  16. We know that even though you stayed in the very best holiday home, being in your own nest with your dads is best. It's great to find the beach is just where you left it. Hope Irene leaves it there.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. We're glad you're back, Sophie! We missed you! It sounds like Irene will be paying us a visit too.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. WHA HOOOOOOO....OK IRENE...just try something....hear me!
    Hi everyone......slurpys and huggeroos....sorry baby talk is all I understand in my excitement!

  19. Welcome back Sophie -hope you had a super time - and your dads too of course !! glad to see your getting back into the swim of things xx

  20. Good luck with Irene!

    Send a little luck down my way too, please and thank you. :-)

  21. It's so good to see you, Sophie! Glad you're back, and that your Dads are home safe and sound. Now, get all hunkered down for that nasty Irene.

  22. Sophie, you take care of your Dads and make sure that nasty Irene stays can do anything..just look at you shakin' there!! xx

  23. love you are back....YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!

    SHAKE-PIC is a pure HIT....fabulous & your first treck just gorgeous!!!!
    How wonderful your magic Nature;your fantastic surroundings Sophie!!!!!!!

    Un abbraccione from Laccaille & elvira
    ciao ciao ed a presto!!

  24. I've missed you Sophie. Between my break and your vacation, it's been too long. Your photos are beautiful, as always, and your new ball is great! I hope that your orange ball isn't jealous :)

    My fingers are crossed that Irene misses you.

  25. I was away. Sorry that I missed your big return. How can I make it up to you? Like treats? m.

  26. Welcome back Sophie. You are missed and I hope dads had a great vacation. Looks like your to do list is a good one.
    We are preparing for the hurricane too! My 1st one!

  27. Welcome home, dear Sophie. I missed you and your daddies. Stay safe.

  28. Hi Sophie and dads. I missed you so much. The world felt empty with you away,, but I know you needed the time.. and you ALL had a good time..
    These photos,, oh my gosh,, are so beautiful. Just cannot get enough!
    We keep you in our thoughts as the big storm comes.. Be safe

  29. Nice to have you back Sophie. That picture of the rainbow is absolutely gorgeous! Do you know if your dad is going to blog about his holiday at Cape Cod? That would be great!


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