Monday, August 1, 2011

A Good Fresh Swim

 I've mastered sitting patiently over the passed 4.5 years. 
 My cousin Fenny is coming so very soon.
 See I told you and 
we both have orange mouths 
leaving very little room for my tongue.
We both have webbed feet too, so swimming is 2nd nature to us.
 This is Tucker, St. Bernard, who is an incredible swimmer as well.
 So by throwing the orange balls into the water I kept my friends on the move.
 Even these lovable Boxers joined in,
and one of them ventured in without any hesitation.
 Fenny and I really are ball hogs,
 with Tucker pulling in a close 3rd.
I really don't think Tucker wanted to leave,
Erika and Jami could see it in his eyes. 
We really had a great walk in the park 
and I got a chance to show Fenny and her Mom
and friend the best swimming spots.
I've got my paws crossed,
that they will want to do it again.