Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chocolate as Nutmeg!

Last year at this time when I still had my gorgeous long tail feathers
(lovely aren't they?!)
My Nutmeg Brown colours 
seemed to be more pronounced and obvious 
in the setting sun.

On the eastern side we were so fortunate to witness this sky
this darkened steel grey/blue expanse.

Even dashing through the snow along the top of the hill
my coat picked up the last rays of sun.

With the exact calmness of the heavens and
 the curtain slowly descending
 I homed in on something...

with nose fully engaged
I dropped Mr. Bionic

but alas it must have been the remnants
the last vestiges 
of some doggy visit
from the summer...

Such is my life of seek and discovery.

Gazing into the distance 
as the sun creeps slowly
into sea 
leaving us behind....

I know that soon very soon
I will be laying my chocolate brown nutmeg blond head
on my soft bed

I trust everyone will be relaxing 
with their loved ones,
all curled up
just like me.

At this time
I want to wish everyone a 



ALL THE BEST in 2013!!