Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rotten Egg!

This week we jumped in the car,
as we always do 
and headed for the park,
as we always do....
however the big surprise that greeted us
as we pulled into the parking lot
was more than I could handle....

I began my DoodleDance
see I'm lifting my left paw...
for you see
Maggie and Mim
had decided to go for a jaunt
at the very same time.

The Gods are on my side today...
so much that Maggie and I 
decided a dip into the fr-fr-freezing
North Atlantic was necessary 
to cool us off.
Mr. Orangie needed a squeeze too
he's all full of!

At he end of the beach we decided that a cliff climb
would be more exciting and shorter for us all.

Straight up, Mim said
I can do that because I'm a Capricorn
(that an 'in joke' between Mim and Ron because they are both Capricorns)

We waited patiently for the humans
to reach the top and then...

Last one to catch Mr. Orangie is a rotten egg....!

Who do you think was the rotten egg?