Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Could I get any Closer!?

It's me, Sophie Doodle!
We're visiting Pops this Boxing Day at the Veteran's Hospital.
 I just got off the elevator
feeling a little woosie!

Jim is waiting for his Dad to finish his supper
so a little tune is being tickled on the ivories...
fine with me the elevator 
got me discombobulated anyway!

A few minutes later...
You can see how good I am...
actually we are both being so good
waiting for Pops 
as he steers himself down
the corridor

Can you tell how excited Jim is
not to mention me..
just a Sophie Blur!
Pops is already for me though,
treats are on their way!

So milkbones and tasty morsels
seem to always be a hit with me...

and as I said in the title...

"Could I get any closer"
to show my thanks
I think not!