Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bocce with Pops!

I visited Pops at the Veteran's Hospital
last week and as luck would have it
I met a some more new friends
watched Pops play bocce
with his new mates on his floor.

I always get wiggly around women,
these two really connected with me.
This fellow was full of laughter and joy.
Just look at him!

I think he knew he was on camera.
Next time I'm going to wiggle more
to get his attention.

Oh, he's a good soul.
He even read my name tag.

I short moment of Bocce Ball,
Pops 3pm entertainment.

He has a smile on his face,
that can only mean one thing!
He's winning!

The green ball is thrown precisely
with the small, bright, orange ball in his sights.

I watched the intense game 
from the sidelines,
once the ladies finished frisking me.
Daddy Jim is watching his Daddy Jim
with me in his arms.
Feels so good!