Sunday, December 2, 2012

It Stumped Me!

 Hey Ron!
Wait for me will you!

The park is very grey today
you can tell there is something in the air.

But what is it?
You got me stumped!

Could it be Ol' Man Winter
deciding to visit finally!?

The video will show you what I mean about being stumped.
(around the 1:20 min mark)

The sky is shielding the sun
with a gauzy ethereal haze.

Well, being stumped really fooled me....
and takes on a whole new meaning now!

I'll recognize a 'stump' the next time.

But right now we have to get home
before all this around is white, white, white!

Later Gator!

Daddy Ron had to turn on his
because of the onslaught of
spam junk...
please be kind now!