Friday, December 14, 2012

I am related to a Dog Whisperer!

My cousin, Cameron came to visit me the other morning
and I was more than HAPPY with this decision.

You'll see me in action meeting Cameron
and handling it very well,
if I say so myself.
Jami, Cameron's Mommy said Cameron was a Dog Whisperer, 
(55 sec mark)
So she said it, therefore it's true, right?!

I know I was enthralled with having a baby in the house,
see my head whiz by as Cameron giggles at me.

I was so submissive,
just like when I visit Pops!

Cameron had all kinds of neat things to play with,
and this one was my favourite
Cheerios Cup!
Full of cheerios!
Need I say more!

Hey Cameron!
Come back anytime
and bring your Cheerios with you too!
Don't want them to feel left out....right?!