Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Dog Bakery Mind Explosion!

This is my trip to the Three Dog Bakery
First.....A lesson in patience.
Then a test of controlling my total excitement! 

Then inside... my eyes just started popping out of my head!
Everywhere there were doggy things!
Things to eat...
and things to play with...
and the nicest lady behind the counter
with her doggy, Taylor...who helped pick out our choices.
I even was given a couple treats because it was my birthday.
I thanked Taylor and the lady so very much
and took a sniff here
and a rawhide there...mmm!
checked out these morsels
while Jim paid for everything.
I was so excited that I thanked the lady again.
and headed to Grandpa Pups' house so we could celebrate!
This is one birthday I'll never forget!