Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Header Changing Time!

So many "thank you's" for the kind remarks for my recent header.
As I mentioned over the passed few months,
one of my Dads is kinda OCD about change.

He is always searching out new editing programs and trying 
to create new and interesting results. Or just playing with his existing program
and coming up with some very interesting creations.

These next three photos were taken by Jim.

As you can see the first two pics have a few things that caused Ron not to use them.
It's all subjective, of course, and with careful elimination
the third pic was chosen.

Through the magic of editing,
this was the final choice.

A little bit of  'softness'
and a wee bit of  a colour 'boost'
add a touch of text
and fill in the sides.
Et voila...Sophie's new header!


  1. Your new header picture is brilliant, Sophie - just stunning!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. oh dear we are so embarrassed. we don't do anything like this. point and click is all you get from us :-(

  3. However it's done, it really highlights how beautiful Sophie is!

  4. I love it! I just wish I knew what you were thinking...

  5. Creative people you have over there... Love the changes its fun.

  6. Your headers are allways GREAT!!!
    We love your new one!

  7. Your Daddy Ron is a real artist with these programs. They provide the tools, but he is the one who actually creates the final product. I'm glad he likes to change your header photo so often, because I like to see what new he has done.

  8. Methinks your Jim could go into business doing pet portraits! Well done.

  9. It's amazing what can be done with photos these days!

  10. Your new look is fabulous. We love your header photo too! Have fun!Ros and Oscar

  11. you are ADORABLE sophie, in every picture.. but this new one makes you look so soft and i imagine you smell like freshly powdered baby... or a sexy rendition of yo' daddie's aftershaves rubbed off into your fur... either one, i would love to smell...

    come 'ere girl and lemme snuggle you!

  12. The result is beautiful.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Love it!! Your profile is so aristocratic, Sophie!


  14. We love your new header! Your dad did a great job on that photo edit! Way to go!

  15. Kim said it for me - it really shows off your good looks, Sophie.

  16. That is some really fine editing. It take a good eye to come up with final results like that. Love it!

  17. I really like that one, but my favorite so far has been the one with all the winter words on it! Although, I always admire all your pictures!


  18. Sophie, you're beautiful. I love that your daddy does that!

  19. I love the final result. You've convinced me - I need to learn more about photoshop!

  20. Sophie...your Dads are turning you into some drama queen. So beautiful!

  21. You're beautiful to begin with, but that picture is particularly stunning!

  22. Sophie
    I am so happy for you and your dads. You have so much fun, and your dads have time to enjoy the fun with you. Your dads are so creative.
    I hope someday my mommy will be able to quit her nasty job and have some time to enjoy, to create, and have fun like you all do.
    Your dads make magic happen- an example are all the photos of you.

  23. Gorgeous Sophie...I change my header alot too...

  24. Sophie, your dad must be a pro at editing!!! The header is awesome..:)

  25. Very nice header. Excellent creative editing!

    Waggin at ya,

  26. Dear Sophie, I have missed you!
    Love the new header. But between you and me, ANY photo taken of you is stunning!
    Although I have to admit I enjoy seeing what Daddy Ron can do with the pics.
    Hugs. xoxo


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