Sunday, February 27, 2011

Safety First!

The snow-wind storm that clobbered us last night
transformed our frigid North Atlantic beach
into a sea spray spectacle.

I thought I'd share with you
how amazing the sea spray can be
with residual storm energy!

Carefully managing the rocky shoreline.

This is the power that lay before us!

Jim points out the continuous onslaught of waves pummeling the shoreline.

This beach,
 Lawrenceton Beach,
 is so much more dangerous than the beach I showed you yesterday.(click)

People have been thrown off there feet and swept under the waves here.
Watching at a safe vantage point is really recommended.

Occasionally, a close observation is chanced
just to feel/smell the sea spray and the power of the waves.

I get a bit "antsy" with the guys when they do this.
So I try and lead them away from the water's edge at every chance.

Whether I am only thinking about their well-being (who buys my food, anyway)
or safety first
I just feel a 100% better when we are good distance from the rocky edge.