Sunday, February 27, 2011

Safety First!

The snow-wind storm that clobbered us last night
transformed our frigid North Atlantic beach
into a sea spray spectacle.

I thought I'd share with you
how amazing the sea spray can be
with residual storm energy!

Carefully managing the rocky shoreline.

This is the power that lay before us!

Jim points out the continuous onslaught of waves pummeling the shoreline.

This beach,
 Lawrenceton Beach,
 is so much more dangerous than the beach I showed you yesterday.(click)

People have been thrown off there feet and swept under the waves here.
Watching at a safe vantage point is really recommended.

Occasionally, a close observation is chanced
just to feel/smell the sea spray and the power of the waves.

I get a bit "antsy" with the guys when they do this.
So I try and lead them away from the water's edge at every chance.

Whether I am only thinking about their well-being (who buys my food, anyway)
or safety first
I just feel a 100% better when we are good distance from the rocky edge.


  1. I can confirm that IT WAS very cold and windy there! But, give me this ANY DAY over the humid summers we sometimes get!

  2. Hello Sophie, you are so beautiful. Your picture in the header is gorgeous and I am so pleased to meet you. What a gorgeous beach you went to with your family--it looks scary though with those powerful waves from mother nature. Glad you led them back inward. Looking forward to more of your adventures. I have 4 wonderful dogs too and you will get to meet them from time to time at Verde Farm :)
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Welcome aboard AMY from Verde Farm...I'm seeking out your doggies! Cheers!

  4. You're lovely Sophie! So cute :)

    Found you via the blog hop.

    My, those waves are scary!

  5. Hi Sophie! Thanks for stopping by Pondside with your dads. Our dear Rosie departed for the Rainbow Bridge back in the fall, but dear little Rory came to live by the ponds in October. I look forward to more of your beach walks and adventures.

  6. You are a very wise dog Sophie.

  7. you're such a wise Sophie girl...leading your daddy away from the danger....but who can resist standing next to the majesty of the sea. I love the wild ocean, with the spray coming off the tops of the waves and the sound of the surf, so loud, you can't hear anything else....thank you for taking us and showing us the beauty. :)x

  8. Wow... these photos are amazing!

  9. Good Morning, Sophie! If only the people could harness the energy of those angry waves! They are beautiful, but I suspect as well, that they are quite dangerous!


  10. sophie, you are totally right! ou are SO smart, for a blonde!!!! lmao sorry, just sayin... no offense, honey. but you keep on keeping those daddios safe and sound, ok? sometimes us peoples just gets carried away!

  11. That's magnificent. I bet the sound of the waves was overwhelming. Glad that you and your Dads stayed well away from all of that beautiful power.

  12. Oh my goodness. The sea looks treacherous and freeeezing. Hope it was a fun walk
    Benny & Lily

  13. Looks cold and slippery. We sure don't have anything like this on the prairies!

  14. amazing view you had in there!

  15. Gorgeous photos of the ocean and beach.

  16. Oh Sophie, it's so ruff out there. Good thing you bow-wow'd out of getting too close.

    Love your photos. Really spectacular. We just don't have that kind of beauty here. Keep on sharing. I love to travel to your area with a click of the mouse!

  17. Wow! You can really sense the power of the sea! Good thing you were there to keep the guys safe, Miss Sophie.

  18. I just love your pictures of the sea! I grew up near it, missing it terribly, so every time I see those shots it's like a seeing a little piece of home. :)

  19. Boy Sophie, that looks awfully cold. The waves are so powerful!

  20. Yeah Sophie, you've got to watch them all the time! Great pictures.....very wild.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  21. Those waves are wicked!! I'm glad you are taking care of the guys and keeping them safe Sophie. This is really awesome to see.

  22. We've had a lot of high winds here the last few days and as I was reading your post and looking at the pictures, I wondered if you could get knocked off your feet--Glad you stay a safe distance...At least most of the time!

  23. Dear Sophie - don't worry - blogland is very easygoing. I'll have to do a Rory post just for you one day soon. I look forward to seeing lots of beautiful Nova Scotia posts from you - in fact, Cape Breton is my birthplace and home of my heart.

  24. Sophie -- those are some lovely photos -- and I agree that sea looks pretty intimidating! You're such a good dog to watch out for the humans like that, to lead them away from the water's edge.

    I'm a new follower of you wonderful blog!


  25. Spectacular photos as always! I felt like I was on that beach with you, feeling the power of the waves. Nature's force is unfathomable.

    Because I seem to have more common sense than my dogs, I assumed that the guys had to keep *you* out of the waves rather than vice-versa! Good job, Sophie. Safety first!

  26. beautiful it looks so cold....

  27. Sophie! Your photos and entries are always a treat! Looked very cold, and like the storm pushing out by the wind, kicking up the to stay a safe distance away! So glad to spot the orange ball...

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  28. I still love these photos.

    They are just wonderful!

    I've given you an award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

  29. What beautiful photos, perfectly capturing the powerful waves. I can understand your antsy-ness, Sophie. Love the first shot where you dwelled sagely on nature's nurture.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill


    Even if the danger comes through in every picture...the nature spectacle is so fantastic; and you did a MASTER PPHOTOGRAPHY JOB !!!!!

    Rarely I have seen soooo beautiful pics of man, doggy and sea...beach and power and beauty!!!!!

    fabulous, Ron....all my biggest COMPLIMENTI!!!!! very courageous and brave and cautious!!!!! BRAVISSIMA!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  31. New Header picture! :-)

    I like the looks of those poles, which Jim is using, for his walk. The footing must be hazardous.

  32. miss sophie,

    those are amazin' pictures of those big 'n hooge waves! they are pretty to look at, but boy howdy, they make me full of the nervosity, too! i'm glad ya'll stayed safe! :)

    the booker man


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