Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sea Foam Extreme!

Today I thought I'd show you what the ocean
can really whip up when it's furious!

This was February 2009 on a cold winter's day on Lawrencetown Beach.

I am discovering sea foam in it's glory.

The amount of sea foam is over the top....
of Dad's boots too!

These pictures were taken pre-1st haircut...so you can see the length was pretty long.
There seems to be an 'overabundance correlation' with my hair
and the beaches' sea foam! 

The winter can be quite nasty at times with the frigid and biting winds.
Hard to believe that in 5 months or less this beach will be covered in something different....
 surfers and swimmers.


  1. The foam always reminds me of an ice-cream float! I remember that day well!

  2. What an awesome sight...never knew the ocean did this... Is it related to pollution or just a natural process???

  3. This is Mother Nature doing her best to mess up the beach. Lots of churning and winds to create this whipped sea foam topping!

  4. Really cool ocean scenes.
    I grew up with scenes like these at the New Jersey shore. We grew weary of the cold and blustery scene, so 25 years ago so we headed south for the warmth of Florida and retirement. Life is good!

    be happy and well,

  5. Love these pictures...reminds me of winter at home.....i grew up on the Atlantic coast of Florida.....we didn't get the cold ...but...we got the foam.....


  6. That is so fascinating! And I agree with Jim, it does look like a root beer float!

  7. Thank you for the link. I was right. It can be nasty.

  8. Hi Sophie!
    Wow that is a lot of foam! I lived near the ocean for a while and never saw that much. It looks like that moose stuff Mom puts in her hair, BOL!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof)

  9. Kind of unreal, isn't it? It is kind of like a root beer float!

  10. I hope that this isn't a duplicate, blogger stuttered just as I was entering it.

    Anyways, I got a kick out of Jim saying that it reminded him of an ice cream float, because that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the pictures. It must have something to do with the salt water, because I have never seen that on big lakes.

  11. hollay mowwwwlayh Sophie...things are frothaaaaay

  12. Sea foam looks gross. What a weird creation!

  13. Pam...you are a smart cookie...moving south only makes sense

    B/R Boomer....the cold froth just adds that extra ZING to your lips!

    Prizler P...nothing better than a cold float!

    Aunt Amelia...nasty girl!

    Sunny...a new flavour of mousse a la Atlantic Ocean!

    Sharon...boomers love their floats!

    Louise...I guess it must be a salt water phenomenon.

    Pup Fan...and that's just a sampling..I know there's more out there.

    Guinness...you should check out the Bay of Fundy...let me know if this craziness happens there.

    Benny and Lily...cross your heart when you say that!

    Cooper and Lola...gross is one way of seeing it...that other is GROSS!

  14. I've always heard of Sea Foam Green but this doesn't look green to me!

  15. Amazing shots! I love sophie already. The header shot is amazing!

  16. That is just the funniest looking stuff! Does it taste like whipped cream, Sophie?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I love that this year we've learned to appreciate so many beautiful things about winter, and that is definitely one of them. I didn't even know frozen sea foam existed before! Yet another reason you're beyond lucky to live at the beach!


  18. Woah, lots of foam- That does look like a root beer float.

  19. In between patients today a coworker and I looked at blogs and she and I marveled at your photos today. She's from Colombia and has never seen anything like this--She thought it was so beautiful and amazing, as do I!

  20. The sea foam looked like it was meeting the snow. Wow, that is a furious ocean. I always find it hard to imagine summertime when we're in the deep freeze of winter. Seeing that beach, I can't imagine anyone lying on it in a bathing suit!

  21. Wow! I've seen sea foam, but never like that! Wow!

  22. that is alot of foam...looks like a rootbeer float to me.....bet it doesn't taste that good...

  23. That IS alot of foam. Is it fun to play in, sophie?

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella


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