Monday, February 28, 2011

Flo knows her stuff!

I managed to get a walk in today
albeit very short.

We reached the boardwalk and I glanced down the expanse.

Finally I descended upon the beach and what else...
I caught my ball!

A beach crony appeared from over the grassy slope.
Her name is Flo 
with her dog named Pal (right)
and Sasha, a friend's dog (left).

Flo is a magic lady because my exuberance needs to be quelled when treats are offered.
She was so patient with me and the other two dogs.
I'm OK with my guys but I tend to get super excited around strangers.

After a few attempts, Flo manged to control
my leaps of joy and inappropriate two steps.

I know I'll run into her again
and needless to say
I will try to remember
her training sessions.