Monday, February 28, 2011

Flo knows her stuff!

I managed to get a walk in today
albeit very short.

We reached the boardwalk and I glanced down the expanse.

Finally I descended upon the beach and what else...
I caught my ball!

A beach crony appeared from over the grassy slope.
Her name is Flo 
with her dog named Pal (right)
and Sasha, a friend's dog (left).

Flo is a magic lady because my exuberance needs to be quelled when treats are offered.
She was so patient with me and the other two dogs.
I'm OK with my guys but I tend to get super excited around strangers.

After a few attempts, Flo manged to control
my leaps of joy and inappropriate two steps.

I know I'll run into her again
and needless to say
I will try to remember
her training sessions.


  1. But treats are so good....and exciting!

  2. I leap with joy when I get treats too. : )

  3. What a beautiful woman Flo is. Look at all the life experience in her face and in her smile. I'm glad you met her today, Sophie, and that your Dad managed to get these lovely pictures of he.

  4. Oh Sophie, you are so sweet. I'm glad you were able to learn something from Flo. (That means your not old).

  5. What a wonderful walk experience. Sounds like Flo really had a way of communicating with you. Isn't it cool to find a human that speaks your language?

  6. You seem to have a very nice friend there, Sophie! Golly, treats and attention and friends! What more could a girl ask?

  7. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks for sharing the beach and treats with us!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. You were a lucky dog, meeting such a nice lady with TREATS! I hope you run into her soon again.--Inger

  9. Aww, that's great Sophie! Good dog behaviour. Flo needs to come and show me how to do it to. Oscar

  10. Hi there Flo, nice to meet you and your kids
    Benny & Lily

  11. It looks like you learned to sit for a treat very nicely. What a fun day - the beach, your ball, friends and treats!

  12. Oh Sophie, you've charmed another one of us...what a fan club you're building!!!

  13. miss sophie,

    it sounds like miss flo is your personal doggie whisperer. :)

    the booker man

    pee s -- i've nevarrr seen snow on a beach before! that's cool lookin'!

  14. Hey Sweet Sophie! I'll bet Flo will be looking for you when she goes to the beach again. Do you live close to the boardwalk?

  15. It is so magical to see snow on the beach and the dunes. I've never seen that sight except on your blog.

    Flo sounds like the perfect person for you to meet on the beach! She likes you and wants to give you treats, but also wants to help with your training! Could Flo come visit my area? I could use her help with a certain excitable black lab :)

  16. Flo seems like a really nice lady!

  17. You have to remember your manners......that's hard for us, sometimes.

    xxxOOO Daisy,Kendra & Bella


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