Friday, February 4, 2011

Exercise Time!

With all the joy and love showered on me lately,
I figured it was time for Daddy Ron to take me for a walk.
We chose MacDonald Hill in between our two favourite beaches
Lawrencetown and Conrads Beaches.
Yes, it was mighty chilly but who cares when you have the whole place to yourself.
You can see Conrad's Beach in the distance. 
That beach is being eaten up by the fierce winter storms this year. 
This coastal occurrence is becoming more prevalent. 
We figure that point of land including the woods will disappear in this decade. 
Now that's fast because in the 1950's, we were told that there was a baseball diamond on that point of land and hurricane Hazel decimated the area.
With that joyous history and geography lesson,
I figured it was time to get up the slope and do some serious sniffing and ball chasing.
 So off I gallop and as I'm cresting the hill I look down and sea this wave crashing!
In a couple months I'll be able to go back in the those waves.

 That's better...I needed the exercise because of all the birthday treats!
Now for a last look for my ball which seems to have conveniently made itself disappear. 
How about here?
Time to return to the car.
Daddy Ron is chilly willy and I am sated.