Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday? Who's? Mine?

I love cakes!
All kinds of cakes
but mostly the colours
they just get me all silly
and send me into orbit.

So, since it's my 4th Birthday
I thought I'd show you some of my passed 3 birthday enjoyments!


This is Mary from Country Critter Sitters,
easily my favourite day care and
would be yours if you lived here.
She's not offering cake but look
it's a doggie treat...ka'ching!
(who's that with the longish hair on the left? C'est moi!)


This is Mim Mim 
(Daddy Jim's sis...some of you already know her through Jim's blog Ocean Breezes)
She and I compare hair all the time.
This birthday with my very long locks
Mim Mim was so happy to see that her hair almost matched
except for the purple/maroon/red she had added.
I wuv her!


Jim knows how to send me into another kinda orbit.
This little contraption feels like heaven...seriously.
I relax and slow down immediately
when I'm tortured with it.(wink wink)

So this year will no doubt be another potpourri of my favourites,
especially if we get to go trekking/walking/visiting.
My life is pretty full, I'd say,
and I so enjoy sharing it with you and your friends.


  1. Happy Birthday Sophie!! You share it with my favourite little Jack Russell, Murphy! She turns 1 today!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  2. Happy birthday sweet little miss sophie. I loved the pictures of birthdays past. It sounds like a great day is planned for you. Enjoy!! XXX bobbi & gracie

  3. Happy Birthday, Dear Sophie! I do hope you get a doggy cake!


  4. Pugsley and I always enjoy your post.
    Although he is twice your age, he really has a thing for you. He wuvs the younger ladies.

    Happy Birthday Sofie!

  5. Happy 4th birthday, Sophie! I hope your day is extra special!

  6. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!! I hope the day is wonderful!!

    Tail Wags and Licks from Olive

  7. Happy birthday, Sophie. I hope you escape this winter storm!

  8. Awww, happy birthday, Sophie! You are a lucky dog to have two wonderful guys to look after you. Have a great year.

    Abbott says to eat all the cake you can get your paws on . . . he was only awarded a carrot for his morning treat, so he will live vicariously through you today. You go girl-dog!

  9. Happy Birthday Sofie!! Hope you go hiking and get some nummy treats.. Have a great day!

  10. Sophie, we enjoy sharing your life with you, too. You are so much fun, and you enjoy life so much. We all could learn a lesson or two from you, I think.

    So, you have the Happiest of Birthdays, and celebrate all day with your Dads.

  11. Happy Birthday Sofie! I know your daddies have something wonderful in store for you! Have a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday Sofie, love the first photo with all your furiends, hope you get loads of foodables
    See Yea George xxx

  13. Happee Birthday Sophie you pawrty animal
    Benny & Lily

  14. Happy Birthday, Sophie! We hope everyone seriously spoils you today! :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE -love hugs and kisses from Jan- Jess sends a waggy tail and a wet nose kiss x

  16. Happy Birthday would have been my Nana's 97th share yours with a special lady...

  17. Great Birthday post! It did get all posted eventually. :-)

    Hope you all are warm and safe, in the storm.

    Hugs and ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  18. Happy birthday, dear Sophie! You are the best. xxxx from Terry and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you've had a fabulous day dearest Sophie. Lots of woofs and licks. Oscar... oh,and Rosx

  20. You DO know how to celebrate! Happy times ahead with the orange ball. (and friends, of course.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  21. Aw pretty Sophie, happy birthday girl.


  22. Happy Birthday Sofie! I see you posted that funny picture as your header...I love it!

  23. Many thanks to all of you for such kindness in wishing me a happy shmappy's to another year~~~~!

  24. Happiest of Birthdays, Miss Sophie! I hope you're having the best of times today!


  25. miss sophie!

    it's your birthdaaaaay!!! hip hip hooraaaaaay!!!
    i hope you are havin' just the bestest day evarrr and doin' all your most favoritest thingies (swimmies, orange ball fetchin', zoomies...)! :)
    it almost looks like i was there helpin' you celebrate your bday in 2008. i wasn't born yet, though. heehee.

    the booker man

  26. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Puppy kisses from Zoe in Tennessee!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Sophie. Thank you for sharing your past birthday poppouri fun times.
    I imagine your dads have so much fun stuff in store for you,,,,,have fun
    Happy Birthday sweet girl

  28. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Looks like you always have a wonderful time. B-day or not :D

    Waggin at ya,

  29. Happy birthday, Sophie. Sorry I'm a littles late. I hope you had a great day!


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