Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red Border Collie - Gibson

As I told you 
Gibson and I could feel the tugging of 
the full moon this day. 

Aren't Gibson's eyes remarkable!

Blue and beige, just like a husky...beautiful!

I was told poor Gibson had a period in his life 
that wasn't the best.

Tied by a short tether for the longest time.

Needless to say the new parents were appalled and 

I know Gibson is beyond happy now.
I enjoy meeting new friends on the beach.
 If I can make their encounter "a good run and chase",
then I've accomplished my task.
There is a story behind every friend I meet.
I level the playing field very quickly with 
a slight bounce,
a deliberate pounce,
a split second dodge,
a tete a tete run into the water.

Until the next time Gibson!
Let's not make it 6 months like before...wink wink!


  1. Gibson looks like a great buddy. Reminds me of our dearly departed Henry.

  2. whatta beautiful friend you have, sophie. i m very very sad that someone hurt such a beautiful soul.. but so glad to hear he is with good parents now. wasnt the ocean a bit cold on your tootsies?

  3. Gibson is such a beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing his story!

  4. I'm so glad Gibson was rescued from awful people!! I like your new friend!

  5. Gibson is sooo beautiful!
    Seems like you had so much!
    We love beach too!

  6. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, Gibson is really great! What a wonderful furiend to have. I love the pix and I'm glad you two had so much fun together. Thanks for sharing the action!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Gibson is so cute and I'm glad he has a good life now. And I can just see how happy he is to be playing with you.--Inger

  8. Sophie....Love the "ears" in the last picture..!!

  9. I'm glad that Sophie wa showing Gibson what a good time is all about, and I'm glad that he's found his way to a wonderful forever home!!!

  10. Ah Sophie, I love your friend. Gibson looks like a great playmate. You are so sweet to all of your friends and acquaintances... Hopefully you will get to play with Gibson again soon.

  11. We're glad Gibson found a great family and can enjoy lots of things. He looks like a great playmate. Hope you'll see him more often.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. So stinkin cute! Great pictures. Looks like they were having a blast. I have a chocolate lab that is in the water rain or shine!

  13. Gibson looks like a good beach friend. What a great rescue story. Glad Gibson found a safe home.

  14. Gibson is quite a beautiful friend, I am glad that he was rescued! I'll bet the water was a little cool, eh? I used to know a girl with eyes like his. :-)

  15. Poor Gibson, I can think of nothing more frustrating than for a high energy dog Like a BC to be tied on a short tether. So very good to here he has been rescued from that.
    You are the best therapy dog! Mom calls it "play therapy"!

  16. Gibson is a stunner! I'm not surprised that his new family couldn't resist him!


  17. So glad that Gibson has a good home now. Hey Sophie, did you get my email with the pictures of your cousin?

  18. Gibson is a handsome boy and I'm so happy his tail/tale has a happy ending! :)

  19. Gibson is a handsome dog too. I looked at the first photo and thought "are his eyes blue?" and then you answered my question! I'm glad he has a happy home now.

  20. Do doggies in your town all come in the same color?
    Benny & Lily

  21. Oh, we love that Gibson has a happy story! He is beautiful. Looks like you two had a fun day!

    The Road Dogs

  22. Such a great post!!! Gibson is gorgeous. So glad he has found his 'forever' home. You gutys certainly loook as though you had fun.Oscar and Ros

  23. I've been having terrible internet problems, and I missed your photographs and stories so much!

    Gibson is supremely handsome with his chocolate fur and amazing eyes. He looks like a barrel of fun too! I'm so glad that he now has humans who take him for fun play time on the beach. He may have been unlucky before but he's very lucky now!

  24. Oh Sophie- Gibson is the perfect friend for you! Such wonderful photos- love seeing you both at play- love that you both love being at the beach. I think Gibson has a crush on you--


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