Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red Border Collie - Gibson

As I told you 
Gibson and I could feel the tugging of 
the full moon this day. 

Aren't Gibson's eyes remarkable!

Blue and beige, just like a husky...beautiful!

I was told poor Gibson had a period in his life 
that wasn't the best.

Tied by a short tether for the longest time.

Needless to say the new parents were appalled and 

I know Gibson is beyond happy now.
I enjoy meeting new friends on the beach.
 If I can make their encounter "a good run and chase",
then I've accomplished my task.
There is a story behind every friend I meet.
I level the playing field very quickly with 
a slight bounce,
a deliberate pounce,
a split second dodge,
a tete a tete run into the water.

Until the next time Gibson!
Let's not make it 6 months like before...wink wink!