Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baseball Diamond really!

As I mentioned recently,
there used to be
 a baseball diamond (click)
on this point of land (click)
back in the 1950's

We walk this beach frequently because it has such a variety
of trails from sand, rocks, grassy fields and woods.

This is Jim and I scrambling over the the rocks from the beach.
You'll notice seaweed in amongst the snow and rocks.
It's my downfall.
I sneak bits of it,
chew it up quickly,
then in the middle of the night 
I heave it all up.

I got my eye on Jim and the seaweed as he and I maneuver the rocks and slippery morsels.

We are at the point where two beaches meet like a spit of land.

The frozen sea water is visible in the foreground covering the rocks.
 With the low tide, the spit of land is easy to access.
The remains of a wooden structure can be seen on the right.

This is another view of the wooden uprights which
seems to be a  wharf.

From this angle with a high tide you can see the wooden uprights very clearly.
Hurricane Hazel 
was the culprit and as I have indicated many times
Mother Nature can lay vengeance swiftly.

With destruction comes beauty,
 yin and yang,
~~ duality ~~
light and dark,
high and low,
ad infinitum.


  1. Sorry to hear about the barfing. Not as sorry as Ron and Jim are about it though, I imagine.

  2. again, the photos are beautiful... rocks and stones and snow and SEAWEED? oh my! i really didnt know one could eat it fresh like that. do you all swim in the ocean in the summer?

  3. Whaaaaaaaaasup Sophie!!!!!!
    Dat sure is a nice place you has to go fur walks...ka-razy it once was a baseball diamond.

    Your last statement, you hit da nail on da head bouts da whole destruction and beauty!

    Nows, you and da dad's must stop by furs some drinks and food and a little dancin'.....woooohoooo...I likes a good pawty!


  4. Hi Y'all,

    What a beautiful beach where y'all are walkin'.

    My Human parents lived on the beach in Boston many moons ago with a long over the rainbow sister. My Momma says she loved walkin' for miles on the beach 'til she lost sight of their apartment building. Then she'd head back.

    It must be wonderful to hear those waves crashin' on the rocks.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. What stark beauty there is on your beach. I wonder if there are pictures somewhere of what the beach looked like when the baseball diamond was there, before the hurricane? Though, somewhere in my foggy memory it seems that I may remember that you posted a picture or two once before?

  6. We know all about eating "stuff" and then barfing it up. But having such a beautiful place to walk makes everything worth it!! Well, maybe not the barfing......

  7. Oh, Sophie, what makes the seaweed so tempting to you? Sorry it makes you sick. Jack likes his "greens" too and will just as easily lose them later on. It is such a baffling question....

  8. Love this post! Jeannie grew up in coastal Texas and really loves the ocean -- but I've never been. She tells me that I would love a walk on the beach. Judging by these photos, I think she's right!

    - Mayli the Labradane

  9. Hello Sophie, I think we may have your 'twin' sister all the way down in New Zealand, she's called Tallulah-Belle, but just Lulah to her friends. You look very alike in the photo at the top of your blog.

    I loved these photographs ~ simply stunning.

  10. but don't ya just love that seaweed!
    Benny & Lily

  11. Sophie, you are teasing me! In my Comments, you said;

    "sorry just had to...Word Verf....wants has'll never let you go!!!"

    And I commented back;

    "Sophie", you are cruel and mean. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... You can't be cruel and mean. But you surely can be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny. -pout-

    Yeah, part of my disgruntilization [is it a word? It is now!] is the *dreaded* Word Verification, I'm sure. I can not escape it. Eeeeeeeeek!!!



  12. It's definitely beautiful! Isn't it funny to think about how things can change like that over the years?


  13. Seaweed for you Sophie? Why do you pups make the same mistakes over and over again? My guess is, if I'd drop a scalding hot chicken breast onto the floor again, Gracie would swallow it whole and be sick once again as well. Tsk, tsk.

    Beautiful pictures!!

  14. What wonderful pictures. I'm waiting on Mom to me to the beach too, but she says I need to work on my recall. I don't always come when called.

  15. You eat the seaweed, my dogs eat the dirt and roll on dead things--What's with that?? A mystery of a dogs life I'll never understand! :-)))

    Hope you and your Dad's are enjoying your weekend!!! Thanks as always for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  16. Beautiful and ever-changing.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. Ohhh...those pictures! I can smell the water...the spray... no wonder you like to snack on seaweed Sophie!

  18. Sophie
    your blog is like a ray of sunshine to me.
    I love your world and your beautiful beach.. and I love seeing how happy you are.
    The photos are so beautiful

  19. Ohh, I read about the Hazel Hurricane....soo incredibly distructive ....!

    What gorgeous Impressions of these beaches......fabulous; brilliant and sooo icy for my warm and sunny spoiled soul....!!!

    un abbraccio ciao ciao elvira


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