Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baseball Diamond really!

As I mentioned recently,
there used to be
 a baseball diamond (click)
on this point of land (click)
back in the 1950's

We walk this beach frequently because it has such a variety
of trails from sand, rocks, grassy fields and woods.

This is Jim and I scrambling over the the rocks from the beach.
You'll notice seaweed in amongst the snow and rocks.
It's my downfall.
I sneak bits of it,
chew it up quickly,
then in the middle of the night 
I heave it all up.

I got my eye on Jim and the seaweed as he and I maneuver the rocks and slippery morsels.

We are at the point where two beaches meet like a spit of land.

The frozen sea water is visible in the foreground covering the rocks.
 With the low tide, the spit of land is easy to access.
The remains of a wooden structure can be seen on the right.

This is another view of the wooden uprights which
seems to be a  wharf.

From this angle with a high tide you can see the wooden uprights very clearly.
Hurricane Hazel 
was the culprit and as I have indicated many times
Mother Nature can lay vengeance swiftly.

With destruction comes beauty,
 yin and yang,
~~ duality ~~
light and dark,
high and low,
ad infinitum.