Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Moon Wave Action! ~~~~a la Windsurfer^^^

I and my guys were mesmerized by this daredevil.
This windsurfer was very early in the season
but I'm so glad we were able to capture the essence of the pure action.
We had rounded the second beach and lo and behold we spied
this person assaulting the waves near the far shore.

MacDonald House tearoom, thrift shop, art gallery and surf shop loomed overhead.

The adventure continues...

It's amazing how Mother Nature can offer such beautiful views.

I still can't believe there wasn't anyone else taking advantage of these waves.

This "neck of the woods" is well-known in the surfing community 
along the Atlantic coast between Florida and Timbuktu
(meaning anywhere along eastern North American coastline)

Even the lonely seagull seemed interested in this human daredevil

Amazing how much this view reminded me of a monarch butterfly!

I just wanted to offer you this moment I experienced
and next time I will show you a bit more of my new friend Gibson, the Red Border Collie
enjoying his brief moment of dogmania around the next bend on the beach.