Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gaspereau Canal & Hemlock Ravine Oasis


We made a quick jaunt to the Annapolis Valley today.
We needed 
a relaxing stroll along the Gaspereau Canal
 the hemlock ravine nearby.
This raging river is normally slowly meandering when we visited before.
Have a lookie below.... 

I was not about to give up Mr. Orangie
no matter
what they tried.

 The photographers were captured immediately and
so I made due with Mr. Orangie
dropping him a few times near the water's edge.

This is at least 4 times wider than normal.

I was a bit wary as I neared the water's edge
because any unsure footing could lead to an unexpected dunking.

I managed to test the waters
even if I knew I had "them" staring at me.

The trip was what the doctor ordered...
the guys took many pictures
I sniffed, chewed and tested the waters
of this most peaceful place...
an oasis that we love to visit
when the city is just a little hectic
and overwhelming.