Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a Wee Bit Tired!

 After our serious run on the beach yesterday
we all arrived back at the house for refreshments.

 Does it look like we are tired?
Sharing my bed was top priority.

 Hey just look at my eyes and you can see how tired I am,
but for Pete's sake look at Mocha!

 Oh jumpin's I'm getting woozy...

 Any chance you could move over?
Yep, I'm a talkin' to you mmmmMocha.

Out like a light!


  1. That's made me feel sleepy now Ron. Especially that dizzy shot.

    I'm off to get 40 winks now. Move over Mocha!

  2. Hi Sophie! I'm catching up on your blog this morning, and while I thought I had a good nights rest, I am worn out just watching you have all that fun! I am also feeling a bit relaxed thinking of how nice it would be to be on the beach, having fun, and freeing my thoughts of all my worries.

    PS: I do think there should be enough room for the two of you on that nice comfy bed, and Ron too!!

  3. Sophie, why does Ron leave his pink Teddy Bear just laying on the floor like that? I hope he's not messy like that all the time.

  4. Sophie, you are so sweet with Mocha... Gracie does not share well and she'd probably have been eaten alive by Mocha after sassing and harassing.. lol
    Now you get some rest. The weekend has just begun...

  5. And who said Miss Pinky belongs to Ron...huh huh?

  6. I think you two did a pretty good job of bed sharing--it makes me tired just looking at Mocha snoozing there. Is there room for three?


  7. Mocha is a beauty!! Your a kindhearted host Sophie sharing your fluffy bed!

  8. That was awfully nice of you to share your bed with Mocha, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. It's good you are patient with Mocha, since you are the older one. You both look so tired though... I hope he moved over so you could get some rest.

  10. you are such a good girl sharing with that big beautiful pup
    Benny & Lily

  11. I guess you guys were pooped after your run at the beach. Love your new header picture!

  12. Soph, you totally pooped Mocha out!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  13. That last photo of Mocha is classic. So is the "I'm getting woozy" one! You two really wore yourselves out!

  14. Love your new header, Miss Sophie. That Mocha is one handsome dude. Your daddy took some great pictures of you guys.

  15. Aww look at them! They have obviously had their legs walked off them and are ready for super-deep-sleep (the best ever!)

  16. Sophie
    You have such a big heart to share your bed like that! No one could ask for a nicer friend.
    And you do look a little tired.
    Nitey nite

  17. There's nothing quite like an exhausted puppy after a 'good doggy day' with lots of playing and fun.



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