Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Exhausted!!

Exhaustion can creep up on you
right in the middle
of having the most fun ever!

Xmas Eve saw us in the city for grocery shopping,
a super early walk in the park
breakfast for the Dads at Saege Restaurant.

Daddy Ron noticed the lights still on in my car so he came out and 
turned them off....Psst...yes...I'm in the car...waiting!

So hungry and will take your picture if you ask kindly!

The next morning Santa dropped off a few items...

So I dove into this bag to find an edible bowtie
and my new favourite ball...
below! it's orange and has a huge hole
but it floats and apparently I can't destroy it.

The Dads got quite a few of these biscotti thingy's...
only thing is if there's chocolate in them...
I don't get anything but  a sniff.

1000 pieces of Vancouver was kinda cool,
because my Dads used to live there.
One of those cities that has everything
at its finger tips...
snow capped mountains
beaches to swim 
bike lanes up the ying yang
temperate climate
need I go on!

Daddy Jim got a big surprise!

A new macro lens!
So now he can go in further when
taking pictures of flowers or tree bark.
Needless to say he was overjoyed!

Also, a new light weight hooded jacket
from Arc'teryx(Canadian Co)...
seriously if you have a chance
or a need for this kind of
clothing consider this brand.

Daddy Ron got a new video camera.
So that means he'll be following me around 
(absolutely no privacy with him)

See, the spread...well I lay patiently and
hope for a morsel
(please may I have some more, sir)
My Dads really had a grand time this Xmas
and so did I as a matter of fact.

But as I said in the beginning
exhaustion can rear it's ugly head
and sleeping with my 2 new balls
just makes everything right!