Saturday, December 10, 2011

Right instead of Left.....!

 Around the corner and 
before I knew it 
we turned 
right instead of left
into this opening we ventured.

 Last summer these ruins were restored and made much more safe for us to explore.

 This is the Halifax Harbour entrance view
from Cambridge Battery 
above the trail we take each day at 
Point Pleasant Park.

 Once we manoeuvred our way around the embattlements
I decided it was time to let loose 
in the hopes that I could snag
another friend to run and play ball with me.

 So much space and with the lightness of my body
since I got my haircut....

 I just flew through air with nimblest of ease...

 I know I could fly if I had wings,
I just know I could.

Everyone has a wish list
maybe someday 
my wish for wings 
will come true.
Until that time
I will savour this moment
sauntering with
Jim and Ron
back to the car.