Friday, December 16, 2011

What is Love?

M..M..M..My My...What is Love?
Click on this video and enjoy 
an up tempo
continuous beat!
Seriously this holiday season is going to be hectic and exhausting for some of you
so just listen to this music and get those "toe toes" a-hoppin'....
Pump up the volume!

 I love to walk on 2 feet...wink wink!

 I love wide stretches of beach with my friends!

 I love listening to Daddy Jim in the park!

I love to wag my tail!

 I love to to walk in the springs in the park!

 I love my view just down the street!

 I love my hair long, just try and tell me Dads!

 I love checking out the surf on windy days!

I love the smell of bayberries!

I love my other Dad too!

Just had to add another great dance song!
Enjoy it


  1. So much to love. Isn't it a shame humans don't take the time to just enjoy what's around them? Good advice Sophie....that 2-legged walking is great.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Love both of those videos. So much!
    Oh, and you're cute too Sophie!

  3. We love that you are always so positive and happy :) We would also love that view to be just down the street from us. Ha, ha.

  4. and we love you Sophie! So beautiful. (*sips French Roast*)

  5. What lovely pics....I admire your beaches you can play on...

  6. Lindsjo.....thanks...our beaches are much more bearable in the summer months, however we like them anytime! Can't be fussy!

    Teresa....French all means!

    Jessica...well, then come around here every so often and get your fill!

    Mark...kinda thought you'd enjoy a hip moving romp!

    Scotsmad...had to show everyone that we can 2 leg it too!

  7. We love your "love" list! It's a great one!!

  8. Love the videos, love the photos, love everything in fact!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  9. I said in my email..just the tip of the iceberg!

    Clive & Murray....hope the videos got you and everyone up dancing...all the best!

  10. I love you, Sophie! And your blog! And your cool new header!

  11. And I feel love from you Sophie!

  12. I think that we need to see a video of your Dads dancing to Staying Alive!

  13. So much to love Sophie :D So enjoyed this post (of course I enjoy all of your posts!) butt this one gave me a happy smile on a very sad day in Blogville. Thank you dear one :)

    Waggin at ya,

    Happy Holidays to you and your Dads! :D

  14. OMG! Night At The Roxbury is mine and my daughters favourite movie! As always love your pictures, especially the "walking on two feet" pic. Sophie, you are one lucky girl and yes, I like your hair long too!

  15. Bassetmomma...I just can't stop singing the song!

    Roo...I hope my light-heartedness can make some of the heavy hearts feel..LIGHTER!

    Nicholas...hmmm...not that's novel!

    Tweedles...massive love vibes!!````~~~~watch out..look up! vibes heading over to you too!

  16. What a fun way to start my day! You've got a lot of things to love, Sophie, and they're the best!!

  17. Sage...always need a good start to your bop that head and rock and roll!

    Lara...Welcome to my blog!!!

  18. Thanks for all the good toe tapping and head bobbing! Good reminders of the simple things in life and how lucky we are to have whatever we have!


  19. Love the songs, especially "What is Love" but all those TEETH in the video made me a bit nervous. Then I just looked at the pics of Sophie and your environs, and I relaxed again! Getting caught up on all I missed while traveling.

  20. What a wonder list! I love your "saber" tail and it's equally handsome shadow. :)

  21. we are glad to drop by here from the blog're such a talented dog to walk on 2 feet:) and we luv that beach photo 'cuz it really spells FUN - Vanilla Bean

  22. I love your hair long and that tail of yours is very pretty. Your Daddies love you and you love them and that's the best love of all.

  23. The wonderful pictures and videos on our blog always makes me feel happy and reminds me how much beauty there is around us.

    I think as we go into the last week before Christmas it's my job to try and keep the Lady Of The House calm and relaxed and remind her that the stuff that's been keeping away from my favourite blogs lately is "only work".

    Love and licks, Winnie

  24. Hi Sophie---
    Fabulous music!!
    Love seeing you in all the places and ways that you love. The picture of you on the beach is my favorite!!
    You are such a lucky girl!


    Ps- your new blog header is gorgeous!

  25. Vicki...doesn't the music make you want to guys want to watch the movie New Years Eve...laughing time...I can see it coming!

    Winnie....take your time with Momsy...blogging can be time consuming and it's the holiday season.!

    Rumpdog...Back at cha snookums! it looks like long is winning out!!

    Vanilla Bea...AND thank you for dropping by my world!!!

    BZ Training...I know you have a great eye for the good shots...thanks for this!

    Mitch...knew you would understand!

    Julandmatt...your welcome my friends!


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