Friday, December 16, 2011

What is Love?

M..M..M..My My...What is Love?
Click on this video and enjoy 
an up tempo
continuous beat!
Seriously this holiday season is going to be hectic and exhausting for some of you
so just listen to this music and get those "toe toes" a-hoppin'....
Pump up the volume!

 I love to walk on 2 feet...wink wink!

 I love wide stretches of beach with my friends!

 I love listening to Daddy Jim in the park!

I love to wag my tail!

 I love to to walk in the springs in the park!

 I love my view just down the street!

 I love my hair long, just try and tell me Dads!

 I love checking out the surf on windy days!

I love the smell of bayberries!

I love my other Dad too!

Just had to add another great dance song!
Enjoy it