Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doggy Appreciation Night!

 Jim, Ron and I were invited to Ron's cousin Anita's house
on Tuesday. I tried to be on my best behaviour because my over exuberance
can stress some people and I certainly don't mean to uspet anyone.
Ally and Anita couldn't keep their hands off me....SMILES!

Trivial Pursuit(Canadian Edition) was a blast as usual... see the cherub(symbolically that's me)...
just look at those eyes and I definitely am a sweetheart
Roll again...kinda/sorta...that's me making friends as usual...rolling from one hand to another.

 I truly think I'm in love with Carolyn, Anita's youngest. 
Her glasses match my fur so we are definitely
kindred spirits. 

Carolyn flew home last week from Southampton, U.K.
She's a smarty pants taking her PhD for the next three years.
I have to get all my lovin's in because I might not see her again until next Xmas.

 Anita told me that she looking for a new doggy.
How exciting is that!
The chances of a new friend is just too much for me.
I could teach my new cousin some cool begging!

 I'm in a bit of a blurr with Ally petting me and Anita stroking my back.
I think I'm amongst dog people!

 Crokinole was the second game on the agenda.
As you can see Anita can't let me go.

 Jim's turn to flick the piece off the board and score a big one.

 This the first time playing this game for Jim and me.
Ron played it as a child.

The rules for this game are located a few pics back
just click on the Crokinole link.

Do you think I was successful in renewing my appreciation for Carolyn?
She's pretty cool, you know....
what human would lay down on the floor
and rub my chest?!