Friday, December 23, 2011

I Dreamt of a WHITE Christmas!

 I dreamt that everywhere the world was covered in fluffy white flakes.

 I dreamt that I could leap and float through the air just like those flakeys.

I dreamt that Daddy Jim tried desperately to make a Snowman for me....

 but decided to leave that alone and make a snowball...

 snowballs just make me all hoppy and put smiles on everyone's faces...

one more for the road!

 Surprise.......My dream came true today!

We want everyone's dreams to come true 
at this time of year
for that matter
any time of the year!

All I want is for you to have 
the best Holiday ever
I hope you can get lost
in my little world
every once in awhile.

Season's Best.....MmmmWwaaahhH!