Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Very Same "Sid The Kid"!

 Snoozing in the backseat of the car I listen to my Dads
talk about things all the time.

 As we approach the bridge you can see the coast guard vessels in dock.
They are always moving in and out of the harbour.

 This is a cargo vessel waiting to be unloaded in Bedford Basin
the second cargo terminal in our city.
This view swoops around as you approach the bridge
and 3 lanes of traffic merging...lovely!

Jim is so used to this approach and I'm afraid
takes the bridge for granted.
Last week a 3/4 ton truck tipped over and 
bunged up traffic for hours.
Do you see that shore in the far distance?
Well, that is one of the directions 
drivers had to travel in order to get into the city.
No more taking the second of our bridges for granted, now.

Yes, just as the sign on this truck says as we zoom...zoomie over the bridge

That is the 1st of our bridges and it was swamped with traffic
during last weeks mishap.

4 lanes busy at 3pm...getting ready for the onslaught of
rush hour workers going home very soon.

Nova Scotia Power...3 stacks that pollute our air.(period)
Yes, we need power at the expense of the health
of the those in the path of the sooty smoke.
So glad to be living...outside of the city!

We use a MacPass system to zoom zoomie through the toll booths.
A small plastic transponder sits on your dash/window
which triggers your account and the deduction is made.
Daddy Ron has a $30 amount to use and when it gets
close to that amount...the bridge people up the ante again.

For those of you hockey hounds....!
Cole Harbour 
is the home of 
 on the Pittsburgh team.
Daddy Ron met him at his job 
a lot in the summers 
when Sidney
was training.
He is still the same now as he was then.
~~~Polite, well-spoken and very amicable~~~

We drive passed this everyday.

Oh...nice....we are getting close to!

You know my Dads talk so much that they
put me to sleep.
That's OK as long as I get home safely
to my cozy bed.