Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watching the Sailboats!!

Hi again!
so glad you made it.
^click if you missed it^
was fun.

Here we are on the Halifax Waterfront,
the tourists haven't swamped
this area completely yet.
When the weather becomes more friendly
the boardwalk will be wall to wall peeps.
But now that you are here let me
show you one end of this cool place!

I DO see you.

 Jim is telling me to stick close...

because the last time I was here...

 I almost jumped over the wharf side...

to see the peeps docked in the boats below me.

I gets kinda nervous for peeps on the water and want to SAVE them!

 So liquid refreshments help to relax me and cool me off...

and ice cream helps to cool Ron off...thanks Jim...

Is this close enough...?
I can smell coffee and chocolate....mmmmm!

 OK...back to the reason we jumped into the car at the park
and high-tailed it to the waterfront...
to see the sailboats..!

 many sailboats

 every boat had many peeps on board...
just taking life,
 so very cool

 This hull caught the guys' eyes...love the RED!

 then we turned and MORE boats
in front of  George's Island
(notice the yellow on the dock in front of us and the dandelions on the island...cool)

 Ron liked this picture so much he made it his cover picture on Facebook!

 Love this angle as well, especially with the lighthouse.

So you see why we sped over here so quickly...
and to leave you with a calm picture
this is the way I felt after a great day in the city

I was very good...honest...there's no way that I
could go anywhere with that lead attached to me.