Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Daze

 As I meander through my garden
I see the iris looking like the 
fleur de lys

 this iris hasn't totally bloomed and
needs some straigthening,
at least it's close for me to sniff.

 the white violets so intrigue me
as they do every year

 ajuga standing stalwart

 one lonely buttercup
don't tell Jim
he'll pull it out!

 pale pink Oriental poppy caught my attention

 the swath of forget-me-knots are all but gone now
 putting on an enormous show

 I lose myself in our Georgian blue veronica.
It's so very easy to do.

Dandelions just give me a zing and a kick.

but most of all
I enjoying sprawling in the grass
on a hot summer's day.
Inhale the sweet smell of fresh grass
slip off to dreamland
for a few Zzzzzzz's