Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swimming with the Sailboats!!

 Come along, 
 I have had a grand time today
~~~floating and swimming~~~ 
with the sailboats.....seriously!

There's one...
just one of many more...

 Now there's two...
they come from "out of the blue" it seems!

 Let's jump to four, right away...
I think everyone seems to know what they are doing...
~~~as if by magic~~~
they zip across in front of me and then zip back...
they call this tacking!

 Now this one caught my eye immediately,
because it appeared 
to be heading straight for me.
Feel the power!

 See what I mean...
then a quick veer to their right,
whatever the nautical term is for that!

I could almost touch them....
I bet you could have reached out and jumped on board.

 Notice them sitting on the edge of the deck...
they are counter balancing the total weight on board
otherwise...over they would all go.

 They appear to be relaxed enjoying this ritual...
the nautical life of these Haligonians! <click
(you learned a new word today)

They are all heading out and around
Point Pleasant Park
 into deeper waters,
then around to the 
city side where the tourists
are gathered.

We love sailboats and today
we lucked out with seeing so many.
In this picture you can see a cargo ship
on the horizon...slightly outnumbered today. 
The next post will show you exactly 
what we saw on the boardwalk
on the harbour front.
Check it out next time!