Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mocha "LocaMotion" onto the beach!

Over the dunes we go
...with a vigorous toss of the ball in the air....

 Mocha and I chase down our bouncy friend.

 Snug in my jaw...I headed to the water with Mocha in tail.

 Persistence is a virtue,
I must say.

 This day with the sun shining and the tide low
is turning out to be one heck of a fine jaunt.

 The adults seem to want to talk,
so come on Mocha follow me.

 This is one of my favourite dunking pools 

 Still chatting,
maybe we should check out these fellers below.

 ...Lots of sniffing and eyeballing each other...

This is Bear...who wanted a photo to be taken
and so Dad obliged.

Bear is a 
~~Maltese/Yorky mix~~

~~come here~~
We got the ball
you know you want to play!

I now know what you wee, spunky ones are all about.

Shout out to Tootie!

My cutie Patootie in Oklahoma!