Saturday, October 1, 2011

Liquid Refreshment!

 Since I live very close to the ocean,
the chances are that 
visiting the beach,
any beach
will happen
 Sometimes I will take a couple minutes
before I enter the water.
I guess it depends on
whether I want to cool off,
 or have a sip,
just kidding
salty ocean water
is a
I learned that
mighty quickly
a couple years ago
when I arrived at the beach
and proceeded to avail myself of the liquid refreshment.
 later that night
"yowie zowie"
it came out both ends.
 So now I wait until I get into the car
or get back home before I quench my thirst.
 Such is the drinking life of a doodle on the east coast of Canada.
Now let's see,
Is there any fresh water here?
none here
what is this that I see in the water, anyway?