Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pas de Deux to Pas de Trois!

What a "doodle bop"
Pas de Deux
Mocha and Mommy
showed up for visit.

After major mouthies, lickies, sniffies, nudgies and paw holding...
Jim gave us some carrots.
Huh..he must think we are rabbits or something!

I was taught to share almost 4 years ago now...
so Mocha climbed on board and attempted to enjoy
her 1st time carrot.

Hey Mocha...what?...carrots don't turn your crank?
She was very intrigued with the basket of wool behind me...
a major nosedive straight into it.

Even Pinkie couldn't believe Mocha wasn't turned on by a carrot!
Apparently, the wool in the basket still was covered in the naturals oils
of the sheep and this triggered a "woohoo" moment in Mocha's brain!

Mocha's Mommy couldn't believe how soft 
 Daddy's newly-knit alpaca blanket felt.

With all the laughs and human talkies...
we finished the night off with a
Pas de Trois!
The two step was at the top of the list
and I for one am looking forward
to learning the Twist!


  1. Sophie, you are the best hostess, sharing your carrots, even if they weren't appreciated.

  2. That Mocha! She doesn't know what she's missing. Carrots are much tastier than wool!

  3. We LOVE carrots!! And you were very sweet to share, Sophie!! I hope Mocha didn't get Mocha-snot on that beautiful wool that we saw on Jim's bloggy last evening!!

    -Bart and Ruby

    BTW, that throw is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. That was a great visit, eh Sophie! And I must say you were the BEST hostess!.....after you told Mocha who was boss in this house! lol

  5. Maybe ha got it from his big brother the rabbit, but Pugsley loves carrots and the tango.
    Mocha really doesn't know what she's missing.

  6. Soph., if it were me, I'd hold out for some Twinkies.

  7. Doesn't Mocha know carrots make you see better
    Benny & Lily

  8. We love can't eat wool.

    Looks like a great time was had by all.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. WooHoo! Carrots! Mocha's missing out there! Looks like lots of fun was had though!

  10. Carrots are Mickey's very favorite treat! He gets that mad glaze in his eyes when he sees one.

  11. The alpaca blankie is just gorgeous! Our mom just loves it!
    We love carrots as much as you do, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. I am not a big fan of vegi's unless they are covered with something like gravy or cheese.
    Hey, if you need a dance partner give me a woof!
    Happy New Year Sophie!

  13. Carrots seem to be the eye-catcher in this post...everyone loves the orange veggie...Now I have to work on Mocha!

  14. Our dogs are a bit dubious of carrots, just like Mocha, but they eventually "choke" them down.

    Love the knitted alpaca blanket. We have an alpaca farm just down the road... but no one in our house knits!

  15. Oh my goodness! You Do have a Pinkie... your pinkie looks to be in a lot better condition than Rissi's.
    And you like carrots? Huh. I've never tried to feed Gracie carrots before.. hmm I wonder if she'd like them.

  16. Gosh the warm blankie looks so nice and pretty and warm! I had cooked carrots tonight- I never have eaten a raw one.

  17. Sophie's expression of incredulity at the carrot left behind is priceless. And I love the photo "mosaics" you've been creating.

  18. I love Mocha's 'carrot-sniff'... it says it all! Flo doesn't go a bundle on vegetables either... :)


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