Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pas de Deux to Pas de Trois!

What a "doodle bop"
Pas de Deux
Mocha and Mommy
showed up for visit.

After major mouthies, lickies, sniffies, nudgies and paw holding...
Jim gave us some carrots.
Huh..he must think we are rabbits or something!

I was taught to share almost 4 years ago now...
so Mocha climbed on board and attempted to enjoy
her 1st time carrot.

Hey Mocha...what?...carrots don't turn your crank?
She was very intrigued with the basket of wool behind me...
a major nosedive straight into it.

Even Pinkie couldn't believe Mocha wasn't turned on by a carrot!
Apparently, the wool in the basket still was covered in the naturals oils
of the sheep and this triggered a "woohoo" moment in Mocha's brain!

Mocha's Mommy couldn't believe how soft 
 Daddy's newly-knit alpaca blanket felt.

With all the laughs and human talkies...
we finished the night off with a
Pas de Trois!
The two step was at the top of the list
and I for one am looking forward
to learning the Twist!