Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Appreciate the Outdoors!

 The temps today were springlike...
I know everyone thinks we live in the winter hinterland
and the sun never shines and the winds blow ill will,
but really the warmth was unexpected and most welcomed.

 Needless to say, I was overjoyed and 
with Mr. Orangie in mouth
bounding through the winter dune grasses like an antelope,
I was more than elated
I was euphoric.

 The daily walk was so much easier to handle and 
no chance of slipping on ice(which will be here sooner than not).

 I noticed someone was stuck on the arm rail
in front of the outhouses.
I thought he needed some help
so I checked him out!

 OH...It's you...Jimbo!
Feel better, now!?
I see there is one accessible door behind you!
You wouldn't catch me going in there!

Such is my life...
dealing with the humans
 in my daily existence!

Hope this inspires you to appreciate
your world.