Friday, January 20, 2012

The Return of Sidney

 Do you remember Tuesday this week, I met a new friend Sidney!? 
Well, look at this coinky-dinky!
We were walking around the point at the park yesterday and 
from out of nowhere there was Sidney standing
waiting for me to play.

 OVER-JOYED was putting it mildly!
We clicked into our doodle dance and
proceeded to tear around 
until I was exhausted.

 Sidney's Mom, Robyn was happy to see us because she knew Sidney would sleep tonight,
just like me.

You see, we display a wide variety of our doodle antics.
We understand what we need from each other and
we go for it.
Some peeps don't understand our enthusiasm and exuberance and stay clear of us.

Oh well, they just need more exposure to our style,
that's what I keep telling Ron and Jim.