Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chillin' Watching surfers

Ambling through the winter dune grass toward the beach,
I was acutely aware of the sound and action of the waves today.
(The point of land on the far right is where Daddy Ron took the video below)

(portions of the video tend to get a bit noisy because of the strength and angle of the wind,
so bear with it or turn it down)

This is that point of land mentioned above and you can see the floating surfers
waiting patiently for the perfect wave.

 As I was talking to Mr. Bionic,
I turned with a startle to hear one of these surfers
yell out a big whoop...
I think it was his first time here and he was beside himself.

 I think....I know...I'd be beyond myself if I came up over the hill and saw this in front of me.

anytime of year,
really is becoming more popular here and
I think it's a good thing.
The beauty of my world is so enhanced with their presence.

Now Mr. Bionic,
it's time to get into the car
because the temps are way below zero
(-10 C with a windchill of -18)
and we are cold.
If you think I'm cold 
what about those surfers?


  1. Hey Sophie and Ron,
    I grew up at the beach on Long Island NY, surfers are their own breed and wonderful to have in any community :)

    By the way the photos of that beach are just stunning!

  2. are so fortunate to be able to grow up on Long Island, some day we'll get there! Enjoyed taking the pics!

  3. I miss the ocean. Pretty soon I'm going to have to go see big water.

  4. Very nice pics....You have to try surfing Sophie. Some dogs do that :-)
    We only have -3 C cold here.

  5. Love the video Sophie...your film crew are really getting very good at this:)

  6. Waoaaaw.....the first imagine has got a wonderful, almost "good old times" touch in gorgeously...the golden grass...the greenblue waves....the land....SUBLIMISSIMO...!....& the "talk to Mr.Bionic" pic is OUTRAGEOUS, Sophie!!!!!!

    ....yes, you are right, the surfers do indeed enhance the sea.....magnificient!!!!!!

    ahhh, this walk we needed truly, a little cold for our south souls...but wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao laccaille & elvira

  7. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, what gorgeous scenery! I'd love to try surfing there too. Beautiful pix.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. I really enjoyed the video. Could almost feel the wind. I would be alittle afraid to be so close to the edge but so pretty!

  9. Brrrrrr.

    Oh, why am I saying that? I have a crazy dog that plays in ice puddles....

  10. I don't know how surfers can stand that cold water! Makes me shiver thinking about it. Fun to watch them though. I see you were dry Sophie. Beautiful scenery and I love the light in your photos.

  11. I got cold just looking at those guys and you too. Do you get cold paws?

  12. I can't even imagine how the surfers do it! It makes me cold.

  13. Fabulous photos! Cold though ...

    - Clive & Murray

  14. Beautiful pictures! I love the video, Sophie.

  15. Oh goodness me! I suspect that the 'whoop' was as a toe was dipped in the freeeeeeeezing water! They really breed your surfers tough over there don't they?! Though, in fairness to our surfers here, I've seen them out in a cyclone... that's the only time we get decent waves!

  16. The photos of the ocean and the surfers are so beautiful. It does look cold, though. I cannot imagine how they can do it!


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