Tuesday, January 10, 2012

High Road...that's what I'm taking!

Sniffing out anything special is my focus...

When I have a lead on something....

I don't let up....

I don't give a hoot how close to the edge of the cliff I have to go...

I'll even stare with the hopes that whatever I'm trying to locate will appear in front of me.

Maybe if I stick out my tongue...

my attention will be riveted upon this...

for this is the High Road I took today...
A long unnecessary story is left in the dust
as I remember what this spot did for me and 
I hope does for you. 

Always Peace!


  1. Morning Sophie! My dogs are still sleeping I think. Lovely walks you do with your Dads.

  2. Hi Sophie! What amazing place where you had your adventures! The nature is like in Finland! Thank you for a lovely moment!
    Hugs from Nero!

  3. What a beautiful spot! The high road is always the best to take, although sometimes it isn't the easiest road.

  4. Looks lovely and sunny! And has your snow melted away?

  5. I'm gonna try that "staring" and "sticking out my tongue" thing and see if that will work for me.
    Hopefully I'm not committed!

  6. Hey Sophie, I agree that the 'highroad' is the ONLY one to take!

  7. Hey Sophie, what were you looking for?

    Just curious. You have one of the greatest pictures. I love them.

    See you around, Sophie.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Sophie,
    Thanks for allowing me to join you and your Dads on your morning jaunt, the view is just breathtaking!

  9. Sophie, I hope that you found what you were looking for. Looks like fun.

  10. A beautiful and peaceful spot, for sure!!

  11. OMD Sophie!! Check this out!!


    -Bart and Ruby

    PeeeS: we left a comment earlier and it's not here. Oh well. We just thought that that looked like a very peaceful spot!

  12. Peaceful spot is definitely what I found and will visit again!

    Hope everyone...considers the High Road next time you are in the dust and can't see ahead of you!

  13. When Sophie is the model and you've got THAT for scenery, every photo is beautiful. But that last is unbelievably so! A good argument for always taking the high road.

  14. Let's hear it for the high road!! Woo hoo!

  15. A fantastic surveillance post...high up so you can see forever. And with lots of good scents, as well.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. SO beautiful and peaceful, Soph!

    Katie, Nugg & Osc

  17. Gorgeous! And a nice reminder to always take the high road in life.

  18. Exceptional pictures of Sophie today!

  19. Just don't jump off the cliff to follow a scent or anything else! Our R has come very close to doing that.

    Lovely photos. I love your chocolate color...

  20. Hi Sophie
    I like the high road too,, and sometimes high trees!
    The view from your high road was awsome.

  21. Hey Sohpie, not only are you so very beautiful, sweet and smart, you are one of the luckiest doggies I know to be able to wander around in just a beautiful place. Peace and blessings to you.

  22. Good too see you look up once in a while to take in that beautiful view!

  23. Always taking the high road too, as it does indeed lead to peace:)

    Thank you Sophie!


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