Monday, January 2, 2012

8am~~~Jan 1st beach walk!

Yes....8am...overcast....above zero (a good thing) and 

a quick 2 minute ball chase and hole dig warm up

 finding some seaglass so cozily nestled next to a contrasting stone...

 a much needed beach walk down two beaches around the point to witness this moment...

 I dared the guys to kick my ball beyond me,
just try it and see what happens...

 I stopped the ball, no problem
and off we went on our new adventure
through this sea grass and around the point.

 Seems like I blend into my surroundings every now and again
and this is no exception.

 Our detour took us into the wilds of this wooded area.

I had no problem scooting under dead trees, through boggy waterways,
up and over hurricane downed trees.
I kept looking back wondering why the guys
were taking so long....
An extra 1/2 to an hour isn't that long is it?
I certainly don't think so....
I do believe I heard Ron say
"that's the last time we make this diversion"
Exhausted and hungry we finally made it back to the car,
then home for breakfast
 another snooze...zzzz!


  1. A beautiful walk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. I really enjoy following Sophie's adventures. Happy new year to all of you!

  3. Interesting walk, look forward to seeing how the photographs turn out of that tree stump ! No wonder you are tied Sophie , enjoy your snooze x

  4. That looks so cold. I don't think I can handle watching you all go through Winter. Good luck!

  5. I will bore you and everyone to death with my comments, since all I can so often think to say is that your photos are absolutely spectacular!

  6. Mitch....nothing ever is boring from your POV...yes Sophie's World isn't as cultural diverse as yours but hey any comment is enough for her.

    Mark....This is just an overcast day and above freezing...can't wait to show you a "real winter" day and Sophie will love it for sure.

    Janet...yes Jim's photo session s/b interesting...Sophie wasn't the one that was was I, me, myself and a great Aye!!

    Doug and Bill...thanks so much you guys in the warmth of the Pacific!

    Scotsmad...I trust it's warm and lovely in AussieLand!!

  7. I admire your dedication to the daily walks.I'm sure a certain labrodoodle appreciates it too.

  8. Hey Soph! We are going to take more of these diversionary (is that a word?) treks more often in 2012....what do ya think? That was fun yesterday!

  9. Stew....she'll do anything!

    Jim...You they say "out west"...!

  10. That looks like a great way to spend the morning! I wish I could go too!

  11. I am so glad it is above 0 : ) I love your pictures always. Wishing you the very best year. May it be filled with adventure and love.

  12. Looks like quite a hike! You gave your human a good workout, Sophie!

  13. Wow, that some long walk you got your Dad into!

    It's a good thing the rewards of an extra half an hour is a great long snooooooze. Just the perfect way to start the year right.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. Beautiful scenery once again...What a great adventure on your detour!

  15. Sounds like a good walk to me, Sophie. Especially since Mr. orangie was along!

  16. Ron is a saint!

    That does look like a beautiful walk.

  17. What a lovely walk through woods and the long beach. You have 4 legs and your Dads 2, who was the moost tired of you??:-)

  18. Melodie...anytime you are in our neck of the woods...put on your hip waders and jump in.

    Becky...above 0...this time of year this temp is always welcomed!

    Debra...tell Auntie Elaine that this is part of the walk we did with her a year or so ago.

    Haopee...Yess...snoozing with my best snoozers of all times!


    Jill...yes as we look back... the adventure was thrilling but in the midst of it..we just said..What are we doing here! Not Sophie though!

    Fiona...YEAH FIONA!!

    Lindsjo...I think you know exactly who was the most tired!!

  19. Great post, as always! Now tell us, Sophie, did you did that hole or was it partially dug already? :-)

  20. Oh my, loved the pictures from your walk! They are beautiful! Nice to meet you!


  21. Driftwood, sea glass and beautiful views - all wonderful shots. That's a nice deep hole you dug, Sophie!

  22. Happy New Year Sophie and guys!
    Thank you for taking us along on a most beautiful walk and so glad Mr.Orangie was there too :) Your beach looks like so much fun!

    Sierra Rose

  23. Absolutely gorgeous, and so different from here. Happy New Year, Sophie, Jim and Ron. So glad we found each other this year!! Good wishes for 2012!!

  24. Lisa...I can only echo your ocean peeps must stick together.

    Sierra Rose...sooo glad to hear from you...I trust the temps are mild in your neck of the woods!

    Pat...yes lots of photo worthy items on the beaches today!

    Patrice and Higgins...a BIG WELCOME and Happy NEW YEAR!

    Sharon...that's my very own hole...just give me some sand and I'll make you a hole!!!

  25. Love the picture of you daring Jim and Ron with the ball. LOL! Breakfast and a nap....oh yeah!!

  26. brrrrrrrr - a cold morning on the beach! You gotta keep busy to stay warm! Nice hole, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. Hi Y'all!

    Happy New Year! I am in envy of your water Sophie!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  28. I really enjoyed the video, Miss Sophie. It's fun to see you run and dig.

  29. What a wonderful, wonderful world that you live in!
    Enjoying the ocean and its wonders are our favorite things to do..
    Oh we can smell the sea!

  30. There are a lot of diversions in life... they're not all as much fun as that one so I'm glad you made the most of it!


    ps... that was a GREAT hole Sophie, Flo is impressed!


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