Monday, January 2, 2012

8am~~~Jan 1st beach walk!

Yes....8am...overcast....above zero (a good thing) and 

a quick 2 minute ball chase and hole dig warm up

 finding some seaglass so cozily nestled next to a contrasting stone...

 a much needed beach walk down two beaches around the point to witness this moment...

 I dared the guys to kick my ball beyond me,
just try it and see what happens...

 I stopped the ball, no problem
and off we went on our new adventure
through this sea grass and around the point.

 Seems like I blend into my surroundings every now and again
and this is no exception.

 Our detour took us into the wilds of this wooded area.

I had no problem scooting under dead trees, through boggy waterways,
up and over hurricane downed trees.
I kept looking back wondering why the guys
were taking so long....
An extra 1/2 to an hour isn't that long is it?
I certainly don't think so....
I do believe I heard Ron say
"that's the last time we make this diversion"
Exhausted and hungry we finally made it back to the car,
then home for breakfast
 another snooze...zzzz!