Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow.. All Gone!

 Last night the snow started and we were hunkered down for a long winter's night.

 Well, when I awoke this sweet morning the temps were way above zero (which is very good for Jan)...

 and the trees were dripping and slush was everywhere...

 So we didn't have to shovel snow for hours
which meant a trip to the park....

 We had to be a bit careful on the pathways but most of them were cleared.

 We happened upon the heather bed once again and I spied something...

 It was just in front of me with 4 legs...

it was a doggy called Rudy...
that's all I could say!
Don't you think we displayed a joyfulness
only two doggie's could share.

 Peace and Contentment for the rest of the stroll and evening!


  1. It was like walking through 'pea soup' fog, I tell ya! Glad you were with us Sophie so we couldn't get lost!!! lol

  2. Looks like you and Rudy had a blast! We're getting snow today and we love it!

  3. Sorry that the snow is away. Now you get wet Sophie...we have a storm here this night and we shall go out tomorrow hunting. Hopefully is it calm then. Now it´s bedtime over here, 11 pm.

  4. Joyful doggies, there's nothing like it, Sophie. And how I wish our weather was like that. Then you could go home and build a nice fire after your walk. And be cozy.

  5. What fun, running and playing with other doggies.
    I love these photos. Especially number 6.

  6. We're glad you got a bit of snow to enjoy....and with a new friend. That is the definition of Joy!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Seriously, you has my mum oooooohin' and aaaaaahin' overs da fotos...especially dat last one. What an honest to goodness foto showin; da bond between man and dog. Kinda brings tears to my eyeballs...sigh.


  8. Hi Sophie
    That snow hurried on its way so it could go visit someone else- didn't it?
    I think your fog is sooo beautiful!
    And I know how much fun you had playing with your new friend- yes, I can tell!

  9. Oh, you really got it, all we got was a dusting and today it barely made it over freezing. Looks like you had loads of fun!

  10. OMG I can't decide who's cuter Rudy or Sophie. I love the shot of Rudy in downward dog playing with Sophie. I LOVE DOGS! Thanks for sharing...

  11. Hey Sophie! Is Rudy a new friend?

    By the way, may I know who takes your pictures? They're really good.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  12. A "mystique Fog Walk"...., exciting encounter with charming Rudy...; beautiful countryside & fressshhhh air.....fabulous walk, Sophie...even without the snow; but I bet it will come back soon!!!!

    .....I & "we" can't wait to see it snowywhite in your world..!

    (oh...besides...: I made a three our walk with CJ in the woods; elvira was sooooo worried about it, next time I got to tell her before we leave and head on all by ourselves....!)

    Have a great sunny weekend & a fabulous time with Ron & Jim!!

    ciao ciao laccaille & elvira

  13. We still have nothing, just the cold which will go away as the day passes. Glad you all have a good time, even your foggy pictures are amazing!

  14. Jim...Pea souper...well I should say..and never fear I'll always protect and save you!

    BassetMomma..yeah for you guys!

    Lindsjo...sleep tight

    Inger...cozy fireside snoozes...yes we could handle that!

    Stew...Sophie blends well in No. 6 don't you think?

    Scotsmad....yes..JOY...running with a new friend!

    3 Doxies...Sophie loves her walk especially along side someone.

    Tweedles..snow out the window and fog comes the fog!

    Sharon...a light dusting sounds magical!

    Doug and Bill...well, I love humans and of course, poochies! Dads are always snapping pics of me...absotootley no time to be by myself! winky wink

    Elvira...walking in the woods now that sounds magical...the snow will be here soon'll be a winter wonderland! Take care of your foot Elvira! Laccaille and CJ will snuggle to help you!

    Kim...thanks so much...Hi to the new doggy!

  15. Great action shot! You have way different weather your way. We just got our first snowfall yesterday! Becky forgot what snow was I think as she didnt want to go out yet last yr she loved it lol! Love your photos as always! Great misty ones this time.

  16. Brrr...looks cold to me! Glad you had a good time with your friends! Love the pathway pictures.

  17. We had snow here overnight Thursday! And it's been frightfully cold the last 2 days! Lucy & Duke can barely be pushed out the door it's so cold! You're such a good sport, and smart too because it looks like you had a great time!

  18. Oh Sophie, you always have the best time, no matter the weather. I think you and Rudy are cute together! Blessings.

  19. These are really cool pictures Sophie... but I'm not a big fan of these slushy, foggy days. I stay inside by the fireplace and read a book. I know, I know. Not fair to Gracie, right? You dogs don't care about the weather, you just want to have some outside fun! The only time Gracie doesn't like to go out is if it's pouring rain. She says it's too much like being in the shower.. lol.
    Glad you had a great time Soph!

  20. Most of our snow has gone too, but it is below zero here.

    These misty shots are fabulous!

  21. Way above zero!?! And I said it was cold here today at 51F. You are made of such stronger stuff.

    Love all the photos. I always love Sophie's joy and then everyone's peace and contentment. This is my daily therapy!

  22. I love the joyful postures of you and your friend. But, I'm sorry that your snow disappeared so very fast. Maybe you'll get more soon and you can play with your buddy in it? I hope so.

  23. We just love those slushy, foggy photos. Very moody!


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